Tips for Selling a Home to a Pet Lover

by Lucy Hutton on 28th January 2019

If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, one thing to consider when thinking of home staging, is pet friendliness. Around 49% of adults in the UK own a pet, with both dogs and cats being the most popular pet choices. Moreover, many parts of the UK are competing in terms of pet friendliness, with the East of England taking home the prize for ‘most pet-friendly region in the UK’. The chance you will be selling your home to a pet loving family is high. How can you revamp your home's design to entice them with pet-friendly interiors?

Choosing Pet-Friendly Flooring

Pet-friendly flooring should be both pet safe and sturdy, so it suffers a minimal degree of scratching. Marble doesn’t display scratches as obviously as wood and is easy to clean, but it is a hard, cold surface that doesn’t buffer falls and puppies and older dogs alike benefit from softer, warmer flooring. Top choices for cat and dog owners include laminate flooring (which is reasonably priced and doesn’t scratch), bamboo (which is soft yet sturdy), and engineered wood flooring (which boasts the appearance of solid wood but is softer at the core).

Storage Space for Pet Items

Home buyers with dogs are likely to be outdoorsy types who frequently take dogs for walks in nature. Normally, the first walk of the day occurs early in the morning, so pet owners appreciate having all the items they need near to the entrance. Something as basic as furniture for storage can up the appeal of a home entrance hall. A narrow built-in, floor-to-ceiling wardrobe to hang a dog’s leashes, collars, foldable water bottle and other items for their frequent adventures outdoors.

Hidden Spaces

Empty nooks (such as the space beneath the staircase or hallways adjoining spaces) can be used to create rest spaces for dogs. Think a bay window seat covered in scratch-friendly material, a pull-out dog bed beneath a main bed, or an empty wall fitted with a designer ‘cat maze’ which a cat can run across to stay active. The idea is to ‘think like a dog (or cat) owner’ and dream up original uses of space the owner may not have thought of themselves.

Designer Doggy Gates

If the home you are selling has a high staircase, consider placing designer doggy gates at the top of steps. You might also want to do so in the entrance to potentially dangerous areas for pets, such as the kitchen. Forget about plastic and net baby gates; think wrought-iron work and printed glass for a welcome touch of artistry.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

In the spring and summer months, families with dogs tend to enjoy spending countless sunny hours in the garden. A pet-friendly garden should include features such as paving between the entrance gate and the garden (to stop dogs from digging their way from the garden to the street), trees (for a shady spot for dogs to rest under), and, if you feel inclined, a designer dog house (to ensure dogs have a comfortable resting space to have a nap in). A garden shed is ideal for pet owners also, since they will want to have a safe place to keep fertiliser and other chemicals that may be harmful to their pets.

We have mentioned just a few ways to make your home design more appealing to pet loving homebuyers. Safety, fun, and novelty are a few features that can spark a potential sale. If you are a pet owner yourself, think of what features would inspire you as a homebuyer and try to bring them to life in the home you are selling.

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