Guide to UK house sale prices

Selling a home in the UK? In our guide to house prices around the country, you’ll find the average property price in each area, as well as the key selling points for your location that you can highlight to potential buyers.

Click on your location on the map below to find a price guide for property in your local area.

For each region, you'll find the average sales prices for the last 12 months broken down by property type, including terraced, flat, semi-detached and detached.

Our regional house price guides include the top five schools in the area, with links to their most recent Ofsted report, as well as recently sold houses in the area and properties currently listed for sale.

We give house sellers stacks of useful information about their local area, including the average property price over the last couple of years, and the most expensive ever house sale in each neighbourhood.

How can our house price guide help you when selling your home?


Find out more about the property market in your area. Have prices increased or decreased in the past few years? What types of properties are in high demand? Here you’ll find the average sale prices of properties similar to yours, and get an idea of the types of buyers who will be interested in your area – helping you to market your property to the right people.


Provide interested buyers with a bit of local knowledge, including on nearby green spaces, famous attractions, restaurants, bars and shops, and family-friendly activities. This information will give potential buyers a real sense of what it's like to live in your area.


If your home is likely to appeal to families, it’s an excellent idea to be aware of some of the most popular schools near your home. This section provides details on some notable primary, secondary and independent schools in your area to mention to buyers with, or planning, a family.


Every buyer wants to know that the location they’re interested in is safe. Here you’ll find information on current crime levels in your area provided by the local authority or the Metropolitan Police, how they’re improving and how the crime rates compare to neighbouring locations.

How to sell your home

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