Moving should be a joy

At Housesimple we think it's time for change. We believe selling your house should be a great experience. That's why we are making it simple, transparent and free.

What is included for free

Local expert valuation

Photos and floorplan

Your own friendly property expert

For Sale Board

Negotiations and sales progression

Ads on Rightmove, Zoopla and more

Optional extras

Free Mortgage advice


EPC (inc VAT)


Hosted viewings

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You get what you pay for?
Actually, we disagree.

The only way we can successfully sell houses for free is by offering a brilliant service that leaves you 100% satisfied and happy to recommend us.

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Sell your home the Housesimple way

Value your property

  • Our local property expert will visit, measure up and give you an accurate, no-obligation valuation
  • We'll take photos and produce floorplans if required

Get on the market

  • We'll list your property on Rightmove, Zoopla plus 100s more sites
  • Get plenty of viewings, at times that suit you

Sell for free

  • We'll negotiate offers to get you the best possible sale price for you
  • Our UK team will progress the sale all the way to completion

I 100% recommend housesimple

to anyone that's selling, it's straightforward, easy and also saves you money, which is always a bonus. Selling your house with Housesimple is exactly what it says, it's simple”.

Adam Bevan, Merseyside


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