Interior Design Trends For 2019

by Lea Emery on 7th January 2019

As New Year’s resolutions finally take hold, many people are looking to update their lives for 2019 — and for some, that means their home. January is a difficult, sluggish month, which actually makes it the perfect time to take on some home projects and get a little design inspiration happening. Whether you have a specific goal in mind or you just need a change, it’s a great opportunity to give your living space a refresh and try something new. There are plenty of interior design trends for 2019 to play with, from getting creative with your ceilings to giving your stonework a modern twist. Here are the 2019 design trends to keep an eye on it, because there’s so much on offer.

1. Playing With Florals

After years of minimalism and hipster-coffee-shop-chic dominating our interiors, in 2019 you can expect to see the return of a more vintage twist — floral fabrics and wallpapers. Though exposed brickwork may always be a favourite, it’s time to try warming up our walls a little. Expect to see playful choices in terms of colour, saturation, and design to keep these florals looking fresh — we’re not talking about your grandmother’s wallpaper, we’re talking about a distinctly 2019 option.

2. Multifunctional And Smart Choices

The housing crunch hasn’t gone anywhere, so 2019 will continue to see savvy choices and innovations that help you maximise your space while still creating a stunning interior. Multipurpose furniture and smart storage will definitely be on-trend, as will clever closet options that make your tiny flat feel a little less, well, tiny.

3. Luxurious Beds

We’re not sure we agree with some 2019 predictions that bed are going to become “more womb-like”, but there’s definitely more comfort on the horizon. Think plush headboards, rich colours, ornate design, and, above all else, incredible comfort. Maybe it’s the working from home crowd liking an alternative workspace or the emphasis on sleep-hygiene, but beds are becoming more important than ever.

4. Complex Metalwork

Expect different metallics and more interesting and complex designs this year. Joy Moyler, interior designer, says that gold, brass, and even blackened metal will be back and you should keep an eye out for things like metal lacework, sculptural design, and more.

5. Ornate Backsplashes And Floors

Backsplashes became a talking point years ago — and that’s not about to change. But expect to see a move away from the metro-tile and simple white looks and toward embracing bold patterns. Whether through colour choices or tiles with intricate designs, backsplashes — and kitchen floors — are becoming more of a design feature.

6. Reimagining The Ceiling

You’ve probably rarely thought about your ceiling (unless you’ve had a leak), but 2019 may just be the year of statement ceilings. Ceilings take up a huge amount of room real estate, so it makes sense to give them a little love. A new paint job or design can totally transform a room — but you’ll want to do a test patch before committing to the whole thing.

7. Sustainability

Sustainability, ethical consumption, and going greener will be everywhere in 2019, including interior design. In a design sense, this means sourcing beautiful antiques or pre-owned furniture, choosing suppliers who use ethical methods, and sustainable materials like rice paper.

8. Curved Furnishings

A curved couch and round furnishings may have been completely off the menu for years, but some design experts think that they’re starting to make a comeback. They give a room an immediate twist of the unexpected and often provide a sense of comfort, so you just may have a crescent couch in your future.

9. Rethinking Stone

Natural stone is a design mainstay — marble, granite, they’re all steadfast choices. But in 2019, expect to see these materials being used in a more modern way. Modern lines, metallic accents, and even combining stone with other materials will update this material for the new year.

Whether you’re buying a new home, looking for a big change, or just want a few small tweaks, there are plenty of new design trends to keep you busy in 2019. Creative choices, sustainability, and smart design are all at the forefront — so above all, keep those in mind to create a chic, functional space.

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