House Prices in Wakefield

Wakefield is a city in West Yorkshire, England, on the River Calder and the eastern edge of the Pennines, which had a population of 76,886 in 2001, increasing slightly for the five Wakefield wards (East, North, Rural, South and West) to 77,512 at the 2011 Census.Wakefield was dubbed the "Merrie City" in the Middle Ages and in 1538 John Leland described it as, "a very quick market town and meately large; well served of fish and flesh both from sea and by rivers ... so that all vitaile is very good and chepe there. A right honest man shall fare well for 2d. a meal.

Valuations in Wakefield

The most expensive recorded transaction in Wakefield was £9,987,169 on 4 June 2014. The most recent recorded sale in Wakefield was £74,000 on 26 August 2016. Properties in Wakefield have an average price of £288,575 over the last 3 years.

Average property price


+40% since 2017
-11% since 2016

Average selling prices in last 12 months by types

Schools in Wakefield

Wakefield has 126 schools with capacities ranging from 31 to 2200. There are a number of schools that cater for special educational needs. There is a mix of Community School, Foundation School, Voluntary Controlled School, Other Independent School, Voluntary Aided School, Special College, LA Nursery School, Pupil Referral Unit, Community Special School, Further Education, Playing for Success Centres, EY Setting in the area.

Top 5 schools in Wakefield (by capacity)

  • Outwood Grange College of Technology


    It's a Mixed Community School for children aged 11 to 18. The school enrols 2200 students.

  • Kettlethorpe High School, A Specialist Maths and Computing College


    Pupils aged 11 to 16 attend this Mixed Community School. The schools has a capacity of 1600 pupils.

  • Horbury School - A Specialist Language College


    A Mixed Foundation School for pupils aged 11 to 16 years. The school enrols 1050 students.

  • Cathedral CofE (VC) High School, the


    It's a Mixed Voluntary Controlled School for children aged 11 to 16. The schools has a capacity of 1050 pupils.

  • Silcoates School

    Pupils aged 7 to 19 attend this Mixed Other Independent School. The school enrols 800 students.

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