House Prices in Knightsbridge

As its reputation greatly precedes it, there isn’t likely to be much about Knightsbridge that a potential buyer won’t already know. That said, many foreign buyers are attracted to the area and may therefore be less aware of the realities of London living, so there are certain key areas you should concentrate on when looking to sell a property.

Schools will be a key concern for wealthy business professionals planning to relocate their families from overseas. They will be looking for the best possible education for their children as a top priority, so highlighting the excellence of the local education facilities is a must.

Buyers of this ilk may also be considering areas such as Mayfair, South Kensington, Hampstead and St John’s Wood. Highlighting the advantages of Knightsbridge over these areas, including its direct proximity to Hyde Park and its highly-exclusive and prestigious amenities including flagship stores of many international retailers, will help improve your chances of a sale.

Valuations in Knightsbridge

The most expensive recorded transaction in Knightsbridge was £50,000,000 on 2 July 2014. The most recent recorded sale in Knightsbridge was £2,920,000 on 19 August 2016. Properties in Knightsbridge have an average price of £5,644,066 over the last 3 years.

Average property price


-35% since 2018
-54% since 2017

Average selling prices in last 12 months by types

Schools in Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge has 10 schools with capacities ranging from 262 to 370. There are a number of schools that cater for special educational needs. There is a mix of Other Independent School, Higher Education Institutions, EY Setting in the area.

Top 5 schools in Knightsbridge (by capacity)

  • Gems Hampshire School

    Pupils aged 2 to 13 attend this Mixed Other Independent School. The school enrols 370 students.

  • St Nicholas Preparatory School

    It's a Mixed Other Independent School for children aged 2 to 11. The school enrols 262 students.

  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

    A Mixed Higher Education Institutions for pupils aged to years. The schools has a capacity of pupils.

  • Royal College of Music

    It's a Mixed Higher Education Institutions for children aged to . The school enrols students.

  • Royal College of Art

    A Mixed Higher Education Institutions for pupils aged to years. The schools has a capacity of pupils.

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