House Prices in Godmanchester

Godmanchester is a small town and civil parish within the Huntingdonshire district of Cambridgeshire, in England. It lies on the south bank of the River Great Ouse, south of the larger town of Huntingdon, and on the A14 road.The town is on the site of the Roman town of Durovigutum. There is archaeological evidence of Celtic and earlier habitation prior to the establishment of a key Roman town and a Mansio (inn), so the area has probably been continuously occupied for more than 2000 years. The settlement was at a crossroads of Roman roads, with Ermine Street, the Via Devana (from Cambridge, between Colchester and Chester) and a military road from Sandy, Bedfordshire, all passing through.

Valuations in Godmanchester

The most expensive recorded transaction in Godmanchester was £1,170,000 on 9 June 2014. The most recent recorded sale in Godmanchester was £184,995 on 19 August 2016. Properties in Godmanchester have an average price of £221,435 over the last 3 years.

Average property price


+12% since 2017
+16% since 2016

Average selling prices in last 12 months by types

Schools in Godmanchester

Godmanchester has 8 schools with capacities ranging from 210 to 420. There are a number of schools that cater for special educational needs. There is a mix of Community School, Voluntary Aided School, EY Setting in the area.

Top 5 schools in Godmanchester (by capacity)

  • Godmanchester Primary School


    A Mixed Community School for pupils 5 to 11 years. The schools has a capacity of 420 pupils.

  • St Anne's CofE Primary School


    A Mixed Voluntary Aided School for pupils 4 to 11 years. The school enrols 210 students.

  • Rocking Horse Day Nursery

    Pupils aged to attend this EY Setting. The school enrols students.

  • Jack & Jill Pre-School

    A EY Setting for pupils aged to years. The schools has a capacity of pupils.

  • Clarence House Day Nurseries Ltd

    Pupils aged to attend this EY Setting. The school enrols students.

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