Top 10 Things To Do In Yorkshire With The Kids

by Lea Emery on 21st January 2019

If you have children, weekends can be both an amazing opportunity for family bonding and a seemingly never-ending demand for entertainment. Keeping kids busy for a weekend can be tough. With their constant need for novelty and stimulation — and your desire to keep them away from those phones and tablets — you may sometimes struggle to come up with healthy ways to keep them entertained. Luckily, if you are in the Yorkshire area, there are plenty of fun things to do with kids, if you know where to look.

Here are some ideas to get you started, because there's always something to do on a Yorkshire weekend.

Cannon Hall Farm, Barnsley

Sheep racing? An adventure playground? Tractor and trailer rides? A climbing forest? There’s a reason that Cannon Hill Farm has won Yorkshire's Tourism Experience of the Year award. There’s so much to keep children entertained – and a tea room for you to steady your nerves.

The Deep Aquarium, Hull

Let’s be honest, the weather in Yorkshire doesn’t always make the weekends any easier — but the aquarium in Hull is a great choice for when the rain is belting down. Close to the city center and full of activities like touch pools for children, you can feel like you’re taking them to a whole new world. Don’t miss the penguin feedings or a ride in the glass lift!

Calypso Cove, Barnsley

If the weather is holding up, why not take advantage of it? Calypso Cove waterpark is a great opportunity to soak up some sunshine with waves, slides, and more. They cater to families with extended hours during the school holidays, so you can always find a time to slip and slide.

Eureka! National Children’s Museum, Halifax

It’s hard to find an educational experience that is so much fun kids don’t realize it’s educational, but the 400 hands-on exhibitions at the Eureka! Children’s Museum certainly fit the bill. With six different areas of the museum, there’s enough to keep them busy for hours.

William’s Den, North Cave

If you feel like your kids just need to run wild for a bit, William’s Den provides plenty of room to play — with an indoor and outdoor area. Rope bridges, zip wires, and even a chance to build their own dens, they can (almost) guarantee your children will tire themselves out and be ready for a long sleep.

Stockeld Park, Wetherby

Stockeld Park provides a rotating set of events and activities, so there’s something for every season. Ice skating in winter, a forest scooter path in summer, and year-round you can explore the labyrinth with over two miles of paths and eight-foot-high walls. You’ll definitely be busy.

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

If you want to combine an educational trip with some activities and play, the Magna Science Adventure Centre has it all on offer. Set up in four sections, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, your kids can explore the elements through play — and there’s also information about the area’s steelmaking heritage if they want to get in touch with their Yorkshire roots.

Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife & Falconry Centre, North Anston

There’s a lot more than just butterflies on offer at this amazing center in North Anston. You and your children can explore an indoor rainforest, see bats and crocodiles, check out the Farm Barn, and even run into some birds of prey. For animal-loving children, it’s a great choice.

Energi Trampoline Park, York

Sometimes, you just want your kids to get tired — we don't judge. In fact, we understand. The Energi Trampoline Park in York provides foam pits, basketball, dodgeball games, and, of course, lots and lots of trampolines. If your children can survive this without wearing themselves out, you may have an Olympian on your hands.

Ilkley Moor, Ilkley

If you want some affordable, wholesome fun, then exploring the Yorkshire landscape with a packed lunch is always a great option. Though there are plenty of different areas to visit, Ilkley Moor is great for hiking, pony trekking, or a little scramble around the rocks.

Keeping children entertained can be a challenge, but Yorkshire has so much to offer. From educational activities to letting them run out all their pent-up energy, there are plenty of ways to spend a Yorkshire weekend.

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