Tips on selling your house at Christmas

by Housesimple on 4th December 2018

Preparing your house for viewings is an important part of selling, whatever the season. It's especially important during winter however, when selling your home fast is a little harder, the weather is more dark and dingy and your home might be a touch more chaotic. Contrary to popular belief it's actually not impossible to sell during the festive period, especially because Boxing day is one of the busiest days for Rightmove. With a few clever touches you can transform your home into a real sanctuary.

Update your decorations

This year's famous Danish design trend is the perfect way to dress your home for christmas viewings and add a modern touch to your home. You can add hygge simply by thinking cosy. Throw some blankets and cushions on the couches and beds, and light a few scented candles (vanilla, cinnamon and other baking spices are best). Some fairy lights will also do double duty by looking cosy and Christmassy, while adding extra lighting on gloomy afternoons.

Sort out your kerb appeal

Your house should look cosy and cared for the moment potential buyers set eyes on it. It's easy to neglect the garden when you have so many other things to think about in December but clearing the driveway of snow or fallen leaves makes a lot of difference. If you have outside lighting, make sure the bulbs are all working. Switching on the porch light is a good way to make your home seem more welcoming, and a few strategically placed festive fairy lights in the garden is a good way to highlight key features like trees, shrubbery, and outside seating areas that'll come into their own during spring.

Double-check your lighting

Daylight viewings aren't always possible once the nights draw in, so if you have people popping round later in the day it's important to make sure that your lighting works and does justice to your interior. A flickering bulb could make people think the electrics are faulty, and overly stark or gloomy lighting can ruin their impression of a room.

Think of your viewers

Put the heating on. You want the house to feel cosy as well as look the part. Taking their coats and hats when they come in will make them feel welcome, and prevent them from feeling uncomfortable as they wander around. Serve them a cup of hot tea or coffee and biscuit or minced pie: it's an unusual but nice touch, and should leave them with a very positive and lasting impression of your home.

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