The Top 10 Things You Have To Eat Whilst In Yorkshire

by Lea Emery on 14th January 2019

There’s no denying that Yorkshire is the home of booming expansion, amazing culture, and stunning landscapes — but there’s something else you can’t miss if you’re exploring the Yorkshire area: food. So much food — so much great food — can be found around the historic county. In between exploring castles and abbeys and national parks, you might just find the Yorkshire’s culinary delights are one of its major attractions.

From hipster-approved hybrids to classic fish and chips, there’s so much on offer across the area. So whether you’re on a city break in Leeds or exploring the local villages, here are ten delicious eats you won’t want to miss.

  1. The Yorkie Pud Wrap, The York Roast Co. in York

You can’t visit Yorkshire without trying one (or 15) proper Yorkshire puddings, but The York Road Co. does it a little differently. Known for their mammoth sandwiches, you can also experience the Yorkie Pud Wrap, which puts a full Sunday roast into convenient — and delicious — wrap form.

  1. A Masala Dosa, Tharavadu in Leeds

Tharavadu has become the go-to for South Indian in Leeds — winning national awards for its delicious curries and dosas. When in doubt, start with the classic masala dosa and one of the stunning curries on offer.

  1. Fish And Chips, The Magpie Cafe in Whitby

With proper fish and chips, great views, and an extensive menu, The Magpie Cafe is a must for any chip enthusiast. Plus, it’s a fish and chip restaurant with vegan options on the menu — you’ll find something for everyone.

  1. Roasted Onion Gratin, The Devonshire Arms in Skipton

Head into The Burlington in The Devonshire Arms for a refined dining experience that offers all of the elegance with plenty of flavour. There are many options on offer, but the onion gratin with truffle and hazelnut is a truly decadent twist.

  1. The Seven Sins Bucket, Dixons Milk Ices in Huddersfield

Dixons Milk Ices is a family-first business that’s been making traditional milk ices for decades. You could go for a simple treat... or you could go for the Seven Sins Bucket, complete with five scoops of milk ices, cream, four flakes, two fudgeridoo sticks, sauce, and marshmallows. The choice is yours. It’s obvious, but it’s yours.

  1. Vegan Welsh Rarebit, Roots and Fruits in Leeds

Roots and Fruitsis a longstanding veggie tradition in Leeds — but a proper welsh rarebit done vegan is a rare find. Not a vegan? There are plenty of vegetarian options available if you’re craving some real cheese.

  1. Double Cheese Burger, Heffer Wolfe Burger in York

Located in the Shambles Food Court, the Heffer Wolfe Burger makes a limited number of patties using top quality beef. They’ve got a cult following but be careful — when they’re gone; they’re gone.

  1. Senbon Sakura Ramen, Senbon Sakura Cafe & Japanese Kitchen in Leeds

The reasonably priced and incredibly tasty ramen on offer has made Senbon Sakura Cafea Leeds favourite. The Senbon Sakura ramen includes grilled chicken, roast pork, mussel, king prawn, salmon, and your choice of broth — but there are plenty of delicious options to trip your trigger.

  1. Croque Monstré, Croque Monsieur in Fulford

The Croque Monsieur is the stuff of breakfast legend, but it has to be the Croque Monstré that takes the cake. The menu says it’s “for champions” and it consists of: “a Double Swaledale ring, grilled crispy back bacon, black pudding, cheddar cheese, and caramelised onions on a floured ciabatta roll”. Have you got what it takes? If not, you can go with the much more sensible cheese and tomato toastie option. We won't judge.

  1. The Tasting Menu, The Black Swan in Oldstead

Finally, if you really want to go out with a bang, the tasting menu at The Black Swan is world famous for good reason. In 2017 it was named the world’s best restaurantby Tripadvisor for its stunning use of food they forage or grow nearby. It’s a bit of splash out, but worth every penny.

There’s so much that Yorkshire has to offer — but there’s no denying that food is a major draw. Whether you find yourself in the area or you go just for a food tour, make sure you explore the nooks and crannies of Yorkshire. From tiny villages to big cities, there are plenty of culinary delights to keep you busy.

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