Spotlight on Yorkshire

by Lea Emery on 25th March 2019

If there’s one region of the UK that’s had a boom in the last few years, it’s Yorkshire. While Yorkshire is famed for its gorgeous countryside and long history, it’s important to remember that Yorkshire is not just about the past, it’s very much about the future. Tipped as one of Europe’s emerging tech hubs, the county is expanding, growing, and shows no sign of stopping.

Whether you already live in Yorkshire and love the area or you’re looking for new job prospects or property developments, its recent growth definitely warrants a little attention. Here’s what you need to know about Yorkshire because it's an area on the rise:

The Tech Scene Is Booming

The Leeds tech scene is already huge, with 23,734 jobs and an average salary of £50,041. But it’s not just there. Companies like yboo, which secured £2 million in fundinglast year, and Arris International, with its annual turnover of £4.9 billion, are giving the whole region a reputation for growth. If you’re looking for employment, there’s plenty on offer — and if you’re looking to venture into your own startup, the coworking scene has really taken off. More and more places to rent some shared desk space and meeting areas with like-minded people are popping up, giving you a great opportunity to start your own project without huge overheads.

The Restaurant Industry Is Thriving

Whether you’re a new-fangled foodie or you just want a proper pub lunch, the Yorkshire food scene has so much on offer. Yorkshire saw 10 new entries to the Good Food Guide 2019, including The Moorcock pub and the return of the famous Magpie Cafe fish and chip shop, which had been in the guide for 36 years running before a fire saw it missing for a year. On the more modern side of the dining experiences, trendy food pop-ups like The Luxury Diner and Muffin Man and Co have been seen across the region, while venues like The Black Swan at Oldstead and The Pipe And Glass are just some of the restaurants garnering Yorkshire its Michelin stars.

There’s Been A Surge In Property Developments

There’s been no denying that the north has been benefiting from the staggering house prices in London and the south as those looking to find a more affordable way to rent, buy, or work elsewhere. Yorkshire has met the demand with some amazing modern property developments — in fact, the city centre of Leeds alone has seen five residential property developments and some of the quickest expansion in nearly a decade. In more rural areas, developers like Mulgrave are putting in modern sites of single family homes, so growth is reaching every area of the region. 

On the business side, Wykeland Group developers recently secured a total of 230 acres at the Melton Park site in East Yorkshire, as part of an expansion to create one of the business parks in Yorkshire. Expect to see more of this in the future, as businesses continue to flock to the area. In fact, Bradford was recently named the best place in the UK to start a business and is definitely an area to watch.

Yorkshire Is Set To Become An International Hub

One of the most exciting recent announcements in the area has been the multi-million pound expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport. From the new £12 million arrivals hall to opening up the area to new international routes, they’re on target to reach seven million passengers per year by 2030 and be England’s fastest-growing airport. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more scenic, you can always take a ride on the picturesque Settle Carlisle Railway.

Bonus: Yorkshire Celebrity Sightings

You don’t need to be walking the streets of Mayfair for some major celebrity spotting. Yorkshire has some amazing celebrity roots — Judi Dench, Sean Bean, and Ben Kingsley all come from there, just to name a few. Actors James Frain and Matthew Lewis (that’s right, Neville from Harry Potter) are said to reside in lovely Yorkshire, as do many top athletes including diver Chris Mears and triathlon Alistair Brownlee.

It’s clear that Yorkshire is an ever-evolving place, with a lot on offer. Whether you’re looking for a new place to live or a cutting-edge place to work, Yorkshire offers a quality of life you won’t find in many other areas.

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