Is your home car friendly?

by Housesimple on 17th August 2016

You've probably considered whether your home is child friendly, suitable for elderly buyers or appealing to young professionals, but in a nation of car lovers, where vehicle sales keep setting records, it pays to consider whether your home is car friendly too.


Owning a garage can add between 5 and 10% to the value of your home. However, it's not just about bricks and mortar: how useful the space is also matters. Around 50% of car owners use their garages to store 'stuff' – £7.6 billion of it according to some estimates. If your garage is currently acting as a storage area, do your best to clear it out before you open your property for viewings. Sell any items you don’t want and add the money you make to your renovation kitty.


Security is among the most important factors for today's buyers, and a car is one of the most valuable assets a household can own. Make sure your doors and windows are secure, and that locks and front gates are fully operational and rust-free. Alarm systems, security lights and cameras can also help to protect the property.


While some surveys suggest as many as 80% of UK motorists prefer to pay for car washing services than clean their vehicles themselves, we think convenience plays a big part. Having a garage with a plug socket for vacuum cleaners and an outdoor tap for a hose is a big plus for any proud motorist keen to keep their car clean and save some cash.


Parking spaces add a premium. Off-street parking isn't just a spot for family visitors, it's an opportunity to earn by renting it out on sites like Just Park or Park On My Drive. Nearby on-street parking is also an important factor for many buyers, so make sure you have all the information about permits and costs to hand.


Creating a car-friendly property also involves knowing your local amenities. Note down the details of cheap, local petrol stations, nearby charge points for electric cars and convenient parking for shops and leisure facilities. This kind of local knowledge can play a big part in a buyer’s decision.

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