How your garden affects your property price

by Housesimple on 15th April 2019

For those of us who don't have them, a garden can feel like the ultimate luxury in a home. Your own outdoor space, somewhere you can BBQ, create colourful flower beds, grow veg and soak up the sun. Some of us may dream about them but, from a serious buyer’s perspective, how much of a difference does a garden really make?

Well, they can make a really big difference — but as it turns out, not all gardens are created equal. We surveyed potential buyers on how the state of the garden would impact the buying process and, for most people, it’s not just having a garden that it’s important — it’s what it looks like. It’s fascinating information and crucially important to any sellers, because, as the numbers show, a messy garden can cost you money. Do you have a neglected garden that needs some tending? You may want to take a second look at it before you put your home on the market. Here’s what the survey found.


Everyone Sees A Bad Garden As A Potential Turn Off

Everyone we spoke to said that a garden that had gotten out of hand could affect whether they liked the property. In fact, when asked, "When viewing a house, would an overgrown garden put you off?”, a whopping 57% said that it definitely would. The rest of those surveyed said that an overgrown garden could potentially be a turn-off, so it seems like everyone has their eye on how tidy your garden is.


An Overgrown Garden Can Lose You A Sale

So a bad garden might be a turn-off, but would it actually make a difference if someone really loved the house? The answer seems to be yes — even if your house is perfect in every other way. When asked, “If you found your dream home in a perfect location but the garden wasn't ideal, would it prevent you from making an offer?” only 14% of respondents gave a definite no. Fourteen gave a definite yes, while the remaining 71% said that it could stop them from making an offer, even if everything else was perfect. So no matter how lovely your home is, you need the full picture to deliver.


And If They Made An Offer, It Would Be Lower

Even among those who would make an offer with a sub-par garden, the effect on your outcome as a seller was very clear. When asked, "Would you lower your offer on a property based on the condition of the garden?’, every single person surveyed said that they would. A messy garden translates to fewer pounds, it's as simple as that.


Tidying Up A Garden Is A Priority For Many

If you’ve lived with a garden that’s become overgrown and neglected, it’s easy to almost forget that it exists. But it’s important to remember the impact that a garden has on a new buyer. When asked, “Would tidying the garden be a priority when you first move into a new home?" only 14% said no. Twenty-nine per cent of those surveyed said that it would be a priority and 57% said it could be. Even if you normally don’t think twice about the garden, it’s clear that potential buyers and new homeowners are putting a lot of focus there, so you should, too.


A garden can be a totally transformative part of the housing experience. Whether they’ve never had one before or they consider it a non-negotiable, it’s obvious that gardens matter to buyers. As a seller, you need to be aware of this — and make sure that your garden matters as much to you as it does to them. Keep it clean, tidy, and manicured to a high standard — because a garden with a “wow” factor can translate into pounds in your pocket.



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