How To Surprise Your Mum With A Home Makeover

by Lea Emery on 28th March 2019

With Mother’s Day around the corner, there’s a good chance you’re starting to get a little nervous about how to celebrate. While pastel cards and overpriced bouquets will be everywhere this weekend, it’s a great time to think outside of the box to let your mother know you care. Rather than spending money on something that will die in a few days — or on a lot of candy right before Easter — why not focus on something that she can enjoy every single day? Updating your mother's living room and improving her living space is a great way to let her know how special she is. Your mum might not want you to change her whole living style (so don't try it!), but a few small upgrades can really improve her quality of life.

Plus, it may be great practice for you. Living rooms are crucial when it comes to doing up your home — and house hunters actually normally spend 1.5 times longer in the living room than they do in other areas of your house. So picking up a few tips and tricks to make a living room look its best is always a good idea. Here are some quick, easy ways to update your mum’s home this Mother’s Day — that may even come in handy for you.

  1. Start With Paint Color

Paint colours can look stale in a hurry — and even the best ones end up looking a little smudged and shabby before too long. A coat of paint can go a long way into making your living space look warm and bright. Plus, you can normally do it in under a day. If in doubt, head to your local Homebase or hardware store and ask for help with colour selection — it’s an easier job than you think.

  1. Upgrade The Walls

If you’re doing some living room tweaks, make sure to think bigger than just paint colour. While you’re upgrading her walls, you can also work on the window trims, upgrading the lighting fixtures, or add a large mirror to give a sense of space into a small room.

  1. Streamline

The living room can easily become a catch-all space — somewhere where everything gets piled or thrown. It's often a room that doesn't have a clear sense of purpose or delineation, between piles of mail on the table and random electronics equipment stuffed to one side. Make your mother’s life a lot easier by clearing out some of the clutter and creating a more clear sense of space. Get rid of any junk or clutter and let the room breathe a little. A cluttered living room can feel unloved, so giving it a little clear out and some organisation can make a huge difference. Don't bin it though, she might not appreciate that, just box it up nicely and put it in the loft or garage. 

  1. Delineate The Space

Once you’ve cleared out the area, you can think about how to use the space — like making a separate nook with a table and desk for any hobbies she might have or just as a place to use the computer. You might even want to invest in some clever living room storage, like an ottoman that’s hollow inside or new shelving. Ikea has endless storage units and Habitat has a lot of options that go with every style.

  1. Make It Cozy

The best living rooms look like the kind of place you want to curl up in. Whether it’s you, your mother, or a potential buyer, living rooms that give you that “Ah!” feel normally make it seem like you could wrap up for the night. How do they do it? Think textures. Brands like H&M Home has great options for textiles on a budget. Soften up your mother’s living room with some snuggly throws, a few cushy pillows, or even a textured rug. Plus, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to incorporate some spring colours — so focus on warm, bright, fresh hues that welcome in the sun.

  1. Personalise It

Mother’s Day is all about family, so adding in a few personal touches is important. Try adding a gallery wall with family photos — it’s easy to do on a budget if you buy cheap frames and paint them all the same colour to create a cohesive look. You can also frame some childhood art from children or grandchildren or incorporate mementoes from family trips or events.

  1. Add A Special Twist

If you really want your mum to feel special and give that living room a wow factor, think of a twist that she would like — something she doesn't already have. Adding a retro drinks cartin one corner of the room and stocking it up will give a sophisticated edge for hosting friends. Or maybe you know that she’s been dying for some bookcases and you can have built-in ones made (or do it yourself). Think about an indulgent twist that will not only give the room a certain something but will give your mum something she might not do for herself.

Mother’s Day presents can start to feel a bit stale year after year, so why not try something completely different? Living rooms are the most important room in the home — whether you’re living in it or looking to sell — so they’re worth putting some extra effort into. Brighten up the room, add a twist, and declutter to make your mum’s day special — it’s a gift that will last far longer than any box of chocolates.

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