How to stage your property as a holiday home for renters

by Housesimple on 28th March 2017

If you want to make the most of your buy-to-let property, residential lettings are a great way to ensure a steady income. The rise of holiday rental platforms like Airbnb have made it easier than ever to let a holiday home. You just have to make sure your property appeals to your audience.

Identify your audience

If you have a home by the sea, you might want to adopt a nautical theme and include bright colours for a fresh, summery feel. If you have a house near some woodlands or outdoor activity hotspots or centres, you're more likely to attract adventurous holidaymakers who might get a bit muddy. This means matching your home to their needs, with a wet room for muddy boots and a log burning fire that they can sit around after a long day hiking. If your property's in a spa town, perhaps set up a home gym instead to appeal to health-conscious guests.

Stand out

When Airbnb unveiled their top ten most wish-listed properties last year, they showed us that people often want somewhere with a unique flavour. Highlight those special features that make your property stand out, whether it’s a custom piece of architecture, an amazing view or a quirky kitchen design solution. Whatever makes your property distinctive.

Cater, don’t clutter

Holidaymakers need certain essentials to ensure a comfortable stay, but they also need space for their clothes and other travel items. Small items like hairdryers, umbrellas and other things a traveller might forget are nice additions. However, don’t forget to leave clear wardrobes and drawers in the bedrooms and space for luggage.

Scout the competition

Look at local listings to identify important features of nearby holiday homes, and work out how to price your place. You might be able to charge a little more for the right extras, but you don’t want to put off renters with unrealistic prices.

Use keywords

As online searches become increasingly important for people seeking out their perfect holiday home, you need to make sure your listing contains what they’re searching for. Remember to include details on all-important features from the number of rooms to the quality of the Wi-Fi. You can use sites like to find out what people are searching for these days.

Protect yourself

While you want to create a nice environment for your guests, don’t forget that you need to cover your back just in case of any damage to your property investment. Make sure your insurance covers everything when you do have guests, and lock away any valuables or breakables you want to keep safe and sound.

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