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by Jonny Stevens on 4th March 2019

So many of us know that we should streamline our existence, minimise, and live a simpler life. We know we should do it, but it’s a lot more difficult to work out where to start. If you’re someone with jumpers bulging out of cupboards or who has been carrying around the same old T-shirts that you can’t seem to get rid of, then the idea of turning into a minimalist overnight seems not only intimidating but completely impossible. The good news is you don’t have to lead a monastic life in order to simplify your existence and create a tidier, lovelier home — the trick is just figuring out where to start.

But in 2019, there is no shortage of tidying experts around to help you organise your life and your living space. Whether you want to tackle everything at once, make more gradual changes, or just needs some tips and tricks, there’s a guru out there with ideas for you. Here are some of the top tidying and cleaning gurus at the moment, because your home is too important to run amok.

Marie Kondo

You simply can’t talk about tidying or cleanliness without mention Marie Kondo — Kondo, with her KonMari method, has been a total phenomenon over the past year. Books, Netflix shows, and a worldwide following, her method involves only keeping objects that “spark joy”. You go through every item in your home, spend some time holding it, and decide whether or not is sparks joy for you. She also has created recommendations for folding and storing to make your life easier and, critically, allow you to see everything you own. Although her initial clearout is extreme — charity shops are overwhelmed with donations from people who have tried her method — her huge following shows that it works.


TeamTOMM — ”The Organized Mom” — is a favourite among Housesimple customers and her method provides all-around tidying and streamlining advice, for every area of your life. From cleaning tips, organisation strategies, and even meal planning, The Organized Mom has advice for all of it. The heart of her method is a mix of daily tasks to keep you up to speed and a Friday Focus, where you tidy and clean one area of your home each Friday. With this method, you never spend more than 30 minutes cleaning and tidying — even on your busiest day of the week — so you can fit in as much as possible into even the most hectic life.

Sophie Hinchliffe

With over a million Instagram followers, “Mrs Hinch” is a force to be reckoned with. Her book promises to help you Hinch Yourself Happy. Her focus is on keeping a spotless home and recommends every product that could help get you there. If you’ve found a spot you just can’t get rid of, Mrs Hinch may be able to help you out. She’s known for her streak-free sinks (which use a disinfectant spray, a little bit of water, and a stainless steel cleaner, in case you were wondering).

Francine Jay

Francine Jay, also known as Miss Minimalist, is an alternative to the KonMari method if you’re looking to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. The author of The Joy Of Less, which includes her STREAMLINE method, consisting of ten steps to not only decluttering your home but to keeping it that way. She takes a very family-focused approach, to help you get the kids involved and is more about developing good habits than Kondo’s one extreme change approach, so she may be better if you prefer a more gradual option. Jay’s method is designed to give you more time to enjoy your life, which is something we can all get behind.

Nicola Lewis

If you want some Instagram inspiration, then check out Nicola Lewis, also known as This Girl Can Organise. Her focus is explained in her book, Mind Over Clutter, and her Instagram feed is full of deeply satisfying and often colour-coordinated organisation hacks designed to give you peace of mind. She also runs Instagram-based challenges, to encourage you to tackle your clutter in a step by step way. Packing, cleaning, minimising unnecessary plastic, she does it all — in fact, she even offers home decluttering services. But if that’s just a pipe dream, enjoy a gloriously curated Instagram feed, follow her steps, and imagine a new, calmer you.

One simple book or tip isn’t going to transform you into a tidying guru overnight, but it’s nice to see the transformation that could happen. Whether you want to jump in all at once or take things one step at a time, there’s a tidying expert waiting for you. 

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