Help: I can’t sell my house!

by Housesimple on 23rd August 2015

So your property has been sitting on the market for months, or even years, with a few sniffs but no final bite. It’s doubly frustrating if you’ve got another home lined up to move into - assuming that its sellers are patient enough to wait - and you can’t figure out what you’ve done wrong.


Let’s look at a few factors:


*We assume that the home is looking as good as it can, and that no repairs are needed. The decor is up to date, the garden is fully weeded, and the home looks clean and inviting.

We’re assuming also that the photographs reflect this. If you can spot flaws and issues in the pictures then it’s a safe bet that wannabe-buyers will as well.


*We’ll also assume that you’ve used some of the many tools available online (like our house price map) to look at the sales history of similar homes in your area, and done your research. Are there any reasons why they’ve sold quickly and yours hasn’t? The price, perhaps?


*Which methods are you using to sell the home? Traditional high street agents certainly have their pros - local knowledge and advertising in newspapers, for instance - but the 21st century searcher is probably looking online at some of the giant property portals. Housesimple has an average sale time for properties of 20 days, 48 days faster than high street agents, with an average customer saving of £5,077.


*Are you using social media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and others can spread the word about your home quickly and efficiently if used correctly, especially if they’re accompanying a simple website that you set up on Wordpress or another do-it-yourself platform. Keep an eye on people moving to a particular area by searching for relevant hashtags on Twitter, and introduce yourself and your wonderful home.


*Here’s some good news; it’s a great time of the year to be selling. September is traditionally a good month for the prospective mover as the summer holidays are over and people are returning to work, while finally putting into place those plans to move into a new abode in time for Christmas.


*Some more good news: every expert under the sun is predicting that interest rates will finally go up in the new year, probably spring time. The financially savvy buyer should therefore make moves now to avoid heftier payments through terms with 1-2% higher interest.


*A third piece of good news: The housing market should be buoyant as the uncertainty of election results is long gone. This means that those who have been wary of dipping into the market for fear of being hurt by the economy should now be free to proceed.


So there we have it - a checklist of things you can do, and things that promise good news. Good luck!


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