Top 10 places to buy property – for various reasons

by Housesimple on 1st September 2015

For such a relatively small country Britain certainly is diverse. And your choice of the perfect place to buy a property depends somewhat on its intended usage. Are you looking for a cheap home as a first-time buyer, or a holiday home? Perhaps you’re looking for something that will appreciate in price, or maybe you don’t care about the house so much as long as the surrounding neighbourhood and facilities are top-notch.


Here then are ten suggestions for good places to buy for people with different priorities…


1) Scotland

A broad choice, but Savills estate agent picked out Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and Brechin as destinations that could enjoy an 18% prise rise in the next five years.


2) Harrogate

The fine Georgian architecture and proximity to open green spaces such as the Yorkshire Dales saw this town named as the home of the happiest residents in Britain, according to a recent survey from RightMove. The portal stated that the average property price is £265,000 for a semi-detached house.


3) Middlesbrough

The cheapest place to buy a home in the UK, where an average property costs just £57,000. A two-bedroom property near the Riverside Football Stadium may be as little as £30,000, but there is a proviso to this good news; the unemployment rate in the area is three times the national rate.


4) Westminster

This is the opposite end of the scale to Middlesbrough, as Halifax Building Society established in a recent survey. The study named it as the most expensive place to live, and therefore a dream location for those with dough. The average home costs £7,586… per square metre!


5) Bristol also carried out its own survey into most ‘liveable’ cities in the UK, and Bristol topped the charts. The city had the highest disposable income growth and one of the lowest unemployment rates out of all the 12 cities that were looked at.


6) Bournemouth

Not only Premier League in terms of football, but also in terms of technology. In the 2015 Tech Nation reported that this seaside location was named as the fastest growing city in the digital economy, with digital start-up incorporations rising 212pc between 2010 and 2013.


7) Cambridge

Bristol was named this year’s European Green Capital, but this Fenland city is no slouch when it comes to environmental credentials. 40% of all journeys in the city are made by bicycle, and it is replete with green groups and enthusiasts. The university isn’t too bad either.



In the last century another Cambridgeshire city has seen the fastest growing job growth in the UK, alongside Crawley. Peterborough’s houses are largely affordable and it’s close both to the bright lights of London and to green space. These might be the reasons why it’s the second fastest growing city in the country.


9) Northumberland

Specifically the sleepy location of Coldstream, which has the lowest crime rate in England. Villages in the TD12 postcode area have the fewest reported incidents per 1,000 population according to a survey carried out by Royal Mail. Safe as houses.



If you’re young and ‘hip’ then the B4 postcode of the second city is for you, as the average age of inhabitants is just 23 – the lowest in the UK. Cast off the oldies and get set for fun in the Midlands.


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