Game Of Thrones Fans Will Love These Properties

by Lea Emery on 29th April 2019

The event of the year is underway in the UK — not Wimbledon, not a royal wedding, this year it’s all about Game of Thrones. As the last season continues, Game of Thrones fever is reaching its height and fans are coming up with more and more creative ways to show their dedication to the show (and their respective house, of course). But if you want to really commit to your Game of Thrones fandom, you may be interested in a home that’s worthy of the Seven Kingdoms.

Game of Thrones filming locations have skyrocketed local tourism and, unsurprisingly, house prices — and Northern Ireland is one of the best examples of that. From Moneyglass, the home of Winterfell, to Magilligan’s Dothraki Sea to Corbett, which you may know as Riverrun, the country has seen a lot of Game of Thrones shoots. But if you want that GOT feel without the tourists barking at your heels, there are plenty of homes that give the grandeur and drama of the series, without the hassle. Here are some homes that will keep you warm, even when winter is coming.

Look Down On Blackwater Bay

OK, so the Cornwall coast might not have quite the dramatic battles of the Game of Thrones shoreline, but the fish and chips are far superior — so we’ll call it even. This perfectly furnished, slick four-bedroom house is on the market for £690,000, with dramatic sea views that can let you imagine you’re about to set sail on a proper adventure. Or, just walk along the stunning Cornwall seaside and enjoy the cliffs — without the danger of Walkers at your heels.

Own Your Own Starry Sept

This converted chapel definitely has a GOT appeal — the outside packs a dramatic punch, while the inside is a surprisingly modern affair. At £295,000, it’s a steal for a totally one-of-a-kind property, plus you have the stunning countryside of Wales on your doorstep.

Visit The Godswood Of Winterfell

The famous Godswood of Winterfell is a sacred place of worship and reunion in the series. Though this property may not have a heart tree or dramatic red leaves falling, it does have mossy pounds perfect for a moment of quiet contemplation — just like the Godswood. This two-bedroom home in Carthew is on the market for £279,995, including an allotment and sweeping views of the countryside.

Relax In the Valley Of The Sun

In Game of Thrones, the most southern part of the North earns the nickname The Valley of The Sun — and you’ll be sure to pick up some gorgeous sunshine in this holiday cottage near the idyllic village of Crianlarich in the Highlands. This two-bedroom cottage on sale for just £149,500 is nestled into the wilderness, with lakes, mountains, and every bit of adventurous countryside you could want all on your doorstep.

Keep Watch On Osric's Hill

Osric’s HIll lays beyond the wall near Craster’s Keep, named after a previous Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch — which certainly sounds remote, but also a little terrifying. Instead, try this four- bedroom semi-detached home in Crianlarich, a village in Perthshire. The lush Scottish countryside has all of the grandeur of an isolated kingdom — but this fully furnished home will let you curl up and enjoy the danger of Game of Thrones from the warmth and cosiness of your couch. Sounds like a win-win.

Survey The Seven Kingdoms From On High

Finally, this stupendous five-bedroom home in Abergavenny will make you feel like you’re surveying your own kingdom. For offers from £530,000, you can look over the Brecon Beacons from your modern home and plan your next adventure. Or just watch the box set. The choice is totally up to you.

Game of Thrones fan may be exploding with excitement over series eight, but very few are brave enough to live the dream. The UK is filled with sweeping, stunning landscapes fit for any of the Game of Thrones kingdoms — some just have fewer tourists than others.

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