Sell your home for free - Yorkshire offer details

Start Date: 00:01 am on 17.12.18 (the “Start Date”).

Closing Date: 11:59pm on 02.04.19 (the “Closing Date”).  

To qualify for this promotion:

(i) The property you are seeking to sell must be in one of the following postcode areas - DN, HD, HG, HU, HX, LN, LS, S, WF, YO; or in one of the following postcode districts BD1 - BD23, NG18 - NG24, NG34, OL14, PE10 - PE12, PE20 - PE25; and

(ii) You must put your property for sale on the market with Housesimple between the Start Date and the Closing Date.

If any of the above conditions are not met, then you will not qualify for this promotion.

This is what you’ll get for free as part of the promotion.  The usual price for these services is £995:-

Advertising on Rightmove/Zoopla + hundreds of other sites for a period of 6 months from the date your property "goes live";
Professional photos and floorplan;
Negotiations and sales progression;
Dedicated agent;
Local expert valuation;
Easy to use online dashboard; and  
a ‘For Sale’ board.  

If you wish to purchase any additional third-party products, for example (but not limited to), an EPC, conveyancing, mortgage broking, hosted viewings or premium listings in connection with the sale of your property then additional fees will apply for the purchase of those products.  

By signing up to this promotion you agree to our standard selling terms which can be found at You will be required to sign up to our selling Terms and Conditions as part of this promotion.

This promotion exempts you from having to pay our selling fee of £995 inc. VAT if the conditions of this promotion are met.  Please note that an offer must be agreed within 6 months from the "go live" date but that there is no time period during which your property must exchange or complete as part of this promotion however your property will only be marketed by us for a period of 6 months from the date your first advert goes live. 

By signing up to this promotion you agree, at all times during which we are providing you with services, to have a for sale board erected at the property (unless explicitly prohibited by the relevant local authority).  

Click here for a full copy of our Sell Your Home For Free Terms & Conditions which apply to this promotion

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