Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement

Job Requirements

We require photographs and floor plans with accurate measurements to be completed on all property visits

Please note we need all pictures to be taken in landscape format. The images need to measure at least 850 x 566 pixels

Please note we require all images to be taken with a wide-angle lens

Please note we need all floor plans to be signed off by our vendors before they are submitted, so please ensure this is done with them at the property, to ensure that these are accurate

Photographs and floor plans must be completed and uploaded within 24 hours of a visit taking place


Please note we require all photographers to provide us with a copy of at least one piece of formal identification; either a copy of a passport or driving license which we will hold on file.

Arranging Appointments

New instructions will be notified to you by email and telephone. We expect that initial contact with vendors will take place as soon as is practically possible, preferably the same day and at the latest within 24 hours of receipt to confirm a convenient appointment. It is expected that you will arrive promptly for all appointments and let clients know in good time if you are held up or will be late. housesimple will operate a ‘3 strikes’ rule in respect of appointments arrangement and property visits.

You may not use a personal or other business email addresses to communicate with clients; HouseSimple will provide an email address for you to use in any instance that you need to communicate directly with a client, and are unable to speak to them by phone.

Sign Off Procedures

Before leaving a property it is very important that you get all plans confirmed and physically signed off by vendors to confirm that the details you have prepared are correct. In addition please confirm with vendors that they are happy with the quality and selection of photographs taken, as in the instance that any rooms are missed or the photographs are not up to standard housesimple may ask that you return to complete further images or amendments to plans without payment of a further fee.

Clothing and Appearance

Please be sure to attend all appointments in smart casual attire (eg a shirt and chinos or other smart trousers). It is important that you are attending the appointment as a housesimple representative on any property visits and as such no branded clothing/vehicles may be worn/used to attend and complete any property appointments on our behalf.

Fees and Mileage Payments

We pay £50 + VAT per property for photographs and floor plans, and £25 in addition where an EPC report is completed on the same visit, or £40 for an EPC report that requires an additional and separate visit to complete. The fee paid includes the initial mileage that will need to be travelled to complete the job; in the instance that a total distance of over 50 miles is travelled for a single job, mileage will be paid in addition to the standard fee at £0.33 per mile for every additional mile travelled (ie where 60 miles in total, or 30 miles each way, has been travelled an additional payment of £3.30 will be made). Where a property has 6 bedrooms or more a £10 surcharge per room will be payable for each additional bedroom (over 5 bedrooms).


Please include all property job numbers assigned on your invoice to ensure prompt payment listed below, beginning HSS (these will be contained within the initial instruction email). Please ensure a monthly statement is sent where more than one invoice has been submitted or preferably a single monthly invoice for all jobs to ensure that any payments are not missed; please send all invoices directly to accounts@housesimple.com. Payment will be made within ten days of the last working day of the month following receipt of your invoice. Your invoice will need to have been received by close of play on the day previous to this to be included and paid. It is very important that all information, including the invoice date, is correct so that this can be settled promptly for you.

Ownership of Images

For the avoidance of doubt, HouseSimple Ltd. will own the copyright to any photographs completed on our behalf.

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