Daily Mail, 6th February 2014



House prices rise by £2, 000 in a month as purchasers stretch themselves furthest for five years.  

Alex Gosling, managing director of online estate agents Housesimple.co.uk, said: 'Prices are up, demand is up, but the real concern is that supply is still severely lagging. It's the same old story at the moment - there are buyers galore but simply not enough stock to service the market.

'The lack of sellers putting their properties on the market suggests that it isn't simply a case of homeowners being slow to respond to buoyant market conditions. It's more a case that many homeowners simply aren't in a position to respond.

'Although house prices are rising, in many areas they have a long way to go before homeowners, who saw their homes plummet in value during the financial crisis, find themselves out of a negative equity position. I'm sure there are plenty of homeowners who would love to sell, but until the value of their property has recovered enough, their hands are tied.'


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