The Daily Mail, 25th January 2014



Believe it or not, you can still buy for £100, 000 in London.  

Alex Gosling, managing director of online estate agents, said: 'I'm sure many people will be surprised that you could actually still buy something under £100k in London.

'The capital's property market is so hot at the moment that in many boroughs you would probably struggle to find anything under £200k let alone £100k.

'Any quality stock coming onto the market is gong under offer within hours of the "for sale" boards going up.

'And properties in the most popular areas are selling well over asking price as buyers compete against each other.

'Will we ever see properties under £100k again? I'm sure we will but don't expect to get too much space for that kind of money.

'Also, the chances are if you're spending less than £100k the property will not be in great condition. 

'You might buy at a knock down price, but the refurbishment could cost you thousands.'

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