House Prices in Pinner

Pinner is a wealthy area of the London Borough of Harrow in northwest London, England. It is within the historical bounds of the county of Middlesex, 12.2 miles north west of Charing Cross.Eastcote is sometimes referred to in its postal address as being part of Pinner, despite being in Hillingdon (Pinner being located within Harrow).Pinner Village was originally a hamlet, first recorded in 1231 as Pinnora, although the already archaic -ora (meaning 'hill') suggests its origins lie no later than c.900. The name Pinn is shared with the River Pinn, which runs through the village.

Valuations in Pinner

The most expensive recorded transaction in Pinner was £2,825,000 on 10 March 2015. The most recent recorded sale in Pinner was £460,000 on 24 August 2016. Properties in Pinner have an average price of £571,486 over the last 3 years.

Average property price


+3% since 2017
+0% since 2016

Average selling prices in last 12 months by types

Schools in Pinner

Pinner has 42 schools with capacities ranging from 134 to 1200. There are a number of schools that cater for special educational needs. There is a mix of Community School, Other Independent School, Voluntary Aided School, EY Setting in the area.

Top 5 schools in Pinner (by capacity)

  • Nower Hill High School


    Pupils aged 12 to 18 attend this Mixed Community School. The schools has a capacity of 1200 pupils.

  • West Lodge First and Middle School


    A Mixed Community School for pupils aged 4 to 12 years. The school enrols 746 students.

  • Pinner Wood School


    It's a Mixed Community School for children aged 3 to 12. The school enrols 720 students.

  • Heathfield School Pinner

    A Girls Other Independent School for pupils aged 3 to 16 years. The schools has a capacity of 655 pupils.

  • Grimsdyke First and Middle School


    A Mixed Community School for pupils 4 to 12 years. The schools has a capacity of 480 pupils.

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