Window gardens - thinking outside of the box

by Housesimple on 27th June 2018

There’s a lot to love about flat living. It’s convenient, it helps you adjust to adulthood, and, for many of us, it allows us to live with friends and loved ones. But when the British summer finally kicks into gear, you can start to feel the lack of a garden — and the lack of green. The truth is, too many of us who live in flats don’t take advantage of all they have to offer. Just because you don’t have a garden, don’t forget that you can still create some lovely green space — and inject some much-needed nature into an already hectic life. It’s time to put that window space to good use.

What can you do with a window space? Well, it’s time to embrace the idea of window gardens. Some of them are decorative, some of them are more practical, but window gardens can bring a huge amount of joy into your life — and maybe even an endless supply of basil. Here’s how to get started.


Don’t Shy Away From Veg

Yes, you can grow vegetables in your window box — and you don’t have to have that green of a thumb to do it The key is mastering the basics of window box veg growing, like finding a spot with plenty of sunlight, not overcrowding your plants, and using deep window boxes. Oh, and keeping them watered and well-fed, of course.

There are plenty of websites that will give you a crash-course in growing window box veggies for the first time. Lettuce, peas, and herbs grow particularly well — and will help you get your five-a-day in with no fuss. Whether you want to save money or just get a sense of accomplishment, those salads and stir-fries are about to get so much better.


Go Big And Bold

If you ’re not so interested in stocking up on veggies, you can still make a breathtaking window display. Walking around any UK city will tell you that more is more when it comes to window boxes — and choosing plants that thrive in the area will help keep your window box looking lush.

Prims do great in the British weather offer a splash of color, while ivy grows like anything — and can give your flat a dramatic but classy upgrade. Of course, if you’re feeling hip then you can always go the succulent window box route — many of those only need watering every three to six weeks, so they’re a safer bet for the horticulturally challenged.


Consider The Whole Picture

Before you get too fixated on the window box itself, take a step back and think about the whole presentation. What does your flat look like from the outside? What’s your style in the rooms with the windows? Are there colors, styles, themes you can play with? Creating a cohesive look will give you the best results — but don’t be afraid to keep it bright and colorful, as well.


Think Outside The Box

What if window boxes just are not your thing — or not an option? There are still plenty of ways to add some greenery to your flat. A hanging metal planter is the perfect home for an array of succulents in your living room and standing herb growers can work just about anywhere. And don’t forget the latest trend — bathroom greenery. People are adding plants to their bathroom for the clean air benefits and just a touch of sophistication. Find a list of plants that do well in the bathroom and start experimenting.


Many of us long for our own garden, but the truth is it may just not be an option right now. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your flat by incorporating some mini-gardens and greenery where you can. Let your creativity fun wild — and you might even get some veg out of it.

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