What to compromise on when buying a house

According to consumer body Which? 70% of home buyers have to compromise when choosing their new property. While it's rare to find a place that ticks each and every box, by establishing what your top priorities are and what you're prepared to compromise on, you'll make it easier to find your (almost) perfect property. 

Space v location

City centre living means shorter commute times and lots of local amenities. It also means paying more money for less space. If you have a family, or it's a possibility for the future, you may wish to sacrifice the convenience of city centre living for the joy of extra bedrooms and a big garden. On the flip side, young professionals might prefer to swap a spare bedroom in favour of living close to work.

Fixable faults

Consider how easy it would be to change the features you don't like. Ugly bathroom suites can be replaced and kitchens can be upgraded, but a poor location is impossible to change. If the property is smaller than you would like, but has space for an extension, it's worth finding out if the current owner has applied for planning permission.

Number of bedrooms

While non-negotiable for big families, people who want a spare bedroom for another reason (e.g. as a study) should be prepared to compromise. It's easier to find properties with fewer bedrooms. Get creative: transform an alcove or a garden shed into a work space instead. If you like the idea of having a spare room for guests, a sofa bed in the living room might be a good alternative.

Outdoor space

If the only thing wrong with a property is the lack of outdoor space, don't let it put you off. Lots of flats have communal gardens – you may wish to find out if you can take over a corner of it. These spaces are often neglected so your neighbours are likely to be happy for you to take control. 

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