What interior design looks will be trending in 2017?

by Housesimple on 7th December 2016

Interior design can have a drastic effect on your home valuation and the eventual house price when it comes to selling. Whether you’re planning to move or just looking to give your home an overall makeover, here’s how to stay ahead of the interior design game (and give your home the best chance of selling) in 2017:

1) Goodbye cold, hello warm

As we transition out of winter and back into spring, the temperatures in interior design will also get warmer. Cool-toned materials such as marble have been popular in recent seasons, but these will be replaced by terracotta, handmade ceramics and more natural-looking finishes. Keep an eye on the slow move away from a polished aesthetic into something that’s more rustic, raw and authentic.

2) Natural materials

The outdoors is coming in. The more ways you can include materials like wood, cork and rattan in your home furnishings, the better. Hardwood floors and low-hanging beams create that cosy, log-cabin effect, while plenty of houseplants keep things colourful and fresh. Expect to see plenty more reclaimed wood furniture and nature-inspired décor in interior design magazines and blogs.

3) Eclectic textiles

Bohemian patterns will continue to be popular when it comes to throws, curtains and scatter cushions. Mixing different textures, colours and styles creates a well-travelled vibe that’s as intriguing as it is welcoming. To engage with this trend, add a colourful woven rug or a hanging tapestry to your living room. The key is to keep the space looking artisan and “hand-made”. 

4) Dark wood

In recent years, light blondes and ashes have been the wood colour of choice in many homes, but according to experts, darker, richer woods will be making a comeback in 2017. This works particularly well in rooms dedicated to relaxation and pleasure, such as the living and dining rooms. Bathrooms and kitchens are best kept airy and bright. 

5) Deep green

It seems 2017 is the year for dialling down the colour – as well as dark wood, you can expect to see plenty of deep, earthy greens when it comes to interior design colour schemes. Metallic details, like photo frames and mirrors, look great against this decadent, regal shade.

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