What Estate Agents Say vs What They Really Mean

by Housesimple on 5th May 2015

Often described as speaking their own language, estate agents have a bad rep for using sentences laden with meaningless buzzwords and inventive synonyms. You might be told about a 'cosy studio flat', only to find that in reality it’s a 'bedsit'…  While the team here at Housesimple let the sellers speak for themselves, we've done plenty of research and are finally able to decode what estate agents really mean! 

Our jargon-busting infographic lifts the lid on estate agent-speak and puts their spiel in plain English. So next time you're told a property is 'quirky' or 'perfect for DIY enthusiasts' take a look at the infographic below and all will become clear!

What Estate Agents Say vs What They Really Mean

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