Top home improvements to discuss with your spouse on holiday

by Housesimple on 2nd August 2016

A holiday might not seem the natural time to ask yourself 'how much is my house worth?' and 'how can I boost its value?', but while you're relaxing in an idyllic location you can find inspiration in a range of places. With the added distance giving you room to think freely, discussing home improvements becomes a much more exciting process. 

Colour and **ambiance**

Whether it's the bright white houses of the Mediterranean coast or the colourful houses of San Francisco, think about the difference a coat of paint can make to the feel of a property. Lighting is a big factor too, from big windows to showy chandeliers, look at how they can enhance or offset local trends and features.

Outdoor areas

While an infinity pool might be out of reach, the outdoor spaces at hotels and resorts can give you lots of practical ideas to take home. Consider how you can improve your patio or decking with vibrant pillows and ornaments, how garden borders can divide spaces, and how a simple water feature can provide a tranquil focal point.

Space savers

Hotel rooms are full of solutions for small spaces. If you're planning to sub-divide a room, exploring loft extensions or wondering whether there's room for an en-suite bathroom in your master bedroom, look around your hotel room for tips on how to squeeze everything in. Focus on the positioning of furniture and innovative fittings.

Creative kitchens

Eating out is an important part of every culture, but no two countries do it the same way. When you're dining at a restaurant or cooking up a storm in your holiday apartment, check out how they've tailored their space to the dining experience. From the bustling open-plan kitchens of Spain to the minimal design typical of Sweden, there's inspiration everywhere.

When you see something you like, make sure to take photos. If you've brought your laptop or a smartphone, do a bit of research and save information for when you come home. Just don't get too bogged down in the practicalities, those can come later.

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