Top 5 selling points to emphasise to buyers

by Housesimple on 10th March 2016

Not every buyer is looking for the same thing. So when you're showing your home at viewings, it's best to discuss the features that your viewers are most interested in – it could help you and your property to stand out.

Before you make your listing live, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research about your property and its potential demographic. First things first, if you’re new to the property market, have a read of our simple guide to selling your home, which you can download here.

Next, here are three key groups of buyers you might encounter when selling your home, and the selling points to work into your sales patter.


Young professionals


Buyers in this group are focused on climbing the career ladder and enjoying their social lives. Be sure to cover these points: 

1. Transport/commute links. For a third of buyers, it’s important that properties are within a short distance of their office.

2. Bars and nightlife. A 2015 survey found that around 8% of buyers want to maximise their downtime by living close to bars and restaurants.

3. Shopping. Nearby retail and food shops will appeal to young professionals who prioritise convenience.

4. Gyms and outdoor space. Local leisure amenities are a big nice-to-have for this group, so do mention nearby gyms, sports clubs, and running and cycling routes.

5. Broadband speed. With an estimated 38% of UK workers regularly checking their emails outside of office hours, broadband has become the vital 'fourth utility'.


Growing families


These buyers are looking for a safe and peaceful lifestyle, along with plenty of space to raise their children. Focus on these selling points:

1. Schools. Education is the deciding factor for young families looking to buy. Discuss the number of schools in the area, and highlight those with the best reputation.

2. Healthcare. Having a nearby GP office, hospital with A&E department and dentist are all top priorities for young families, so be sure to cover the local facilities.  

3. Local amenities. Mention local parks, cinemas and children's soft-play centres to emphasise any family-friendly aspects of the area. You should also add shopping to the agenda: which big supermarkets are within driving distance? Are there convenience stores they can walk to? 

4. Extension opportunities. Planning permission is another selling point for growing families, especially for lofts and conservatories – so if you've been granted permission for future work, do highlight this. 

5. Garden. If you have a garden, discuss how much sun it gets in summer, and the space available for family activities like barbecues.




These are buyers looking for a smaller property, either for a low-maintenance retirement or simply because their kids have recently left home. Emphasise these points: 

1. Benefits of smaller size. Mention how affordable the property is to heat, and how easy it is to clean – both are important selling points.

2. Property layout. When talking to retirees, detail any accessibility features, such as bathrooms or bedrooms on the ground floor or open-plan living areas. For empty-nesters, focus on any rooms that could be used as a spare bedroom, either for visiting friends or children. 

3. Improvement opportunities. Downsizers tend to have more free time than young families and professionals, so may be more willing to take on a 'project'. Talk up your property's potential. 

4. Leisure. With more disposable income (and time), these buyers want to enjoy their local area. Mention your favourite cafés, pubs, restaurants and arts venues to get them inspired. 

5. Community. A sense of community is often important to older downsizers. What are the neighbours like? Are there any groups they can get involved in? Does the local council run classes nearby? Flag these up. 


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