The Top Reasons People Move House — And It’s Nothing To Do With Space

by Lea Emery on 6th November 2018

There are a lot of different reasons you may want to move house. Maybe it’s starting a family, maybe you need to change locations for work, or maybe you’re just ready for a change. Everybody has their own reasons. In fact, we recently surveyed our our customers to find out why they were interested in moving homes — and their answers weren’t what you might think. Even though we often here terms like “expanding” and “upgrading” thrown around when we talk about moving house, it turns out people aren’t moving for more space. In fact, a whopping 68.9 percent of respondents said that they would still move house, even if they could extend or upgrade their home. So it looks like space isn’t actually that significant of a motivating factor for most movers.

But if not for space, why are people moving home? Our survey found there were a lot of good reasons you may want to consider a move, which have nothing to do with your closets overflowing with jumpers or being tired of four people wrestling for bathroom space in the morning. Here’s what our respondents had to say.

To Be Closer To Family And Friends

Sometimes, you just want to be around the people you love. In fact, around 21 percent of our respondents said that they were moving to be closer to family and friends. Even though picking up your life and moving is a huge decision, many people find that it’s worth it, especially if they’re starting families over their own or are looking at retirement. And, with young people being priced out of some more expensive cities, more and more young professionals are choosing to follow their friends to more affordable locations to get on the property ladder. Having a built-in community can make a big move so much easier.

Some Fresh Country Air

Giving up big city living for a peaceful life in the country may sound like the plot of a romcom, but it turns out it’s also a very real reason people move house. A further 21 percent of respondents said that they were moving to embrace country life. If city living just doesn’t deliver or you feel like you’ve been on the hamster wheel for too long, there’s nothing stopping you from doing a total U-turn and letting your lungs breathe some clean air for a while. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even encounter some vitamin D.

Needing A Change

Sometimes, you don’t need a reason — you just know that something has to give. Fourteen percent of respondents decided to move just because they knew they wanted a change. Whether you've been in the same home for decades and want to see a new neighborhood or you’re ready to explore a whole new part of the world, moving house is a great way to reset your life with a fresh start and a new perspective.

To Downsize

Rather than moving house for more space, we found that many of our respondents were doing just the opposite and going for something a little cozier. Downsizing was a popular reason to move house and it's easy to see why, it's a great way to free up capital and explore somewhere new. Plus, many people find that after their children move home they simply don’t need as many bedrooms. For someone go through a change of family circumstances, like a divorce, selling your home and moving is a great way to ensure that the transition period can be as smooth as possible, while some people like to downsize to help their children get on the property ladder. Whatever your reason, when it comes to space it looks like more isn’t always more.

Moving house is a huge decision — but it's totally in your hands. Even if you don't need more an extra bedroom or a bigger garden, there are plenty of good reasons to move house. So if you know it's the right decision for you, don't question it — because sometimes, you just need a change.

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