The best four UK locations for happy house-sharing

by Housesimple on 10th November 2017

Choosing a roommate can be a tricky task, but get it right and you’ll have a friend for life. Funnily enough, some areas of the UK already have a head start when it comes to successful flatmate searches. So whether you’re looking for a boxset binge-watching buddy or just a clean, tidy neighbour, you might as well give these friendly locations a try.


Royal Leamington Spa

According to a recent survey, this historic spa town is one of many that registers high on the happiness scale. So perhaps there really is something in the water.

Fantastical fluids aside, Leamington Spa also scored exceptionally highly for friendly neighbours and a strong community spirit. Handy if you really do need a cup of sugar one day (it must have happened at some point).


Okay, so our capital might have a reputation for stand-offish commuters who avoid eye contact on the Tube. Fortunately, its forward-thinking tech residents are also experts at creating new and exciting ice-breakers. In particular, housemate hunters should take a look at Ideal FlatmateMoving costs can be up to three times more expensive in London, so it’s important you make the right decision.

With millions of house-hunting city folk to choose from, these sites are quickly expanding to other UK cities. EasyRoommate and SpareRoom are both geared up to connect people inside and outside the capital.

North Yorkshire

Stats from the ONS suggest that people in the rural idylls of the Moors and Dales are much more satisfied with their lot than elsewhere in the country.

The Craven district, in particular, was highlighted as having low levels of anxiety. Something that will appeal to anyone who’s woken up to a passive-aggressive note on the fridge door.


This year, Provident Personal Credit’s ‘Unbroken Britain’ report set out to find the most close-knit communities in the country. It seems the cold coast of Aberdeenshire is especially friendly. And not just because they’re huddling together for warmth.

Aberdeen had the best stats both for community spirit and for feeling safe. Almost 70% of residents believe there's a strong sense of community there, while 76% promise to dutifully look after their neighbours’ houses while they’re away. It certainly seems the perfect place to find a caring, trustworthy flatmate.

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