The best apps for house hunting

by Housesimple on 5th April 2017

Smartphones are our lifelines. We use them for everything, from finding a parking spot to ordering groceries – so why not have them help you move house too? While can take care of your house hunting, there’s a whole host of other nitty gritty details in the moving process that apps can help you out with. 


Here’s our pick of the best property apps on the market.

The financial one: Mortgage Assistant

iPhone users can make the most of London & Country’s Mortgage Assistant app. It lets you calculate your mortgage, makes affordability checks and highlights up-to-date property articles. Not only will it keep you on top of your payments, it also flags best buy offers and mortgage promotions you wouldn’t have spotted otherwise.

The gardeners’ best friend: Sun Seeker

Are you looking for a sun trap garden? Fire up this up when you're viewing new properties to see how much light they’ll get. Need to know what plants to put where? Sun Seeker can work out which direction the garden faces and give you a breakdown of where the sun will be and when. At £5.75 in the Google Play store, it’s a little on the pricey side, but it’ll help you plan your dream garden so much more efficiently. 

The moving manager: Home Move Pro

Once you've bought your new home, you need to pack up and move there. Home Move Pro is a great (and free) option that easily keeps track of everything you need to do – from packing up boxes to changing your address on important documents. It’s all stored in separate tabs too, so information is quick and easy to access.

The complete package: Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter

If you need a guide from start to finish, then Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter app is the go-to solution. The duo behind Location, Location, Location have compressed their knowledge into a single place. It’s a total guide to moving house, helping you find listings, organise viewings, make a deal and more. There’s a budget calculator and video guides included too and it's a steal at only £2.99 on iTunes.

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