Ten steps to a colourful spring garden

by Housesimple on 7th March 2018

Spring has sprung – meteorologically speaking, at least. After some serious battering from Storm Emma and the Beast from the East, your garden is probably in need of some love. If our quick and easy spring garden hacks don't quite cut it, don't worry – this ten-step guide should get your patch of land ready for the sunshine.


Step one: plan

Sit down with some graph paper and sketch out your ideal garden. It doesn't matter if you're not an artist, it just helps to focus your ideas.

Step two: prep

Clear away any dead plants, weeds and dry leaves that have settled in your garden over the winter. It's best to work on one small patch at a time so it's not an overwhelming task.

Step three: compost

Chilly weather can leave soil dry and sapped of nutrients, so dig in some compost to rehydrate and feed your ground.

Step four: plant

If you're prepared to tend your borders regularly, now's a good time to sow flowers and veggies for summer. If you don't want to wait long for bulbs or seeds to sprout, pick up some part-grown plants from the garden centre instead.

Step five: elevate

Hang baskets by your door and pop some bedding plants in to add an extra splash of colour at eye level.

Step six: paint

Give your garden shed or fence a lick of bright paint. Go wild with the colours – it's your garden, after all. If you need a little inspiration, have a look at Port Phillip's Brighton bathing boxes in Australia.

Step seven: mow

Wait until you've had a few dry days, then rake the grass to get rid of dead blades and moss. After that, give it the first mow of the season. As the temperature starts to rise, you can begin feeding it.

Step eight: brighten

It's easy to add some lush colour to dark areas of your garden through planting shade-loving plants, such as pretty pink ivy-leaved cyclamen or bright yellow Oregon grape Apollo.

Step nine: decorate

Whether you go for a classic garden gnome or a contemporary bird table, ornaments will make your garden cheerful even when the seasons change.

Step ten: update

Pick up some floral patterned or textured cushions for your garden furniture to tie your masterpiece together.

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