Styling your home for photographs: top tips

by Housesimple on 18th March 2016

Having attractive, high-quality photos of your home is absolutely essential for getting buyers to click on a property listing online, and then to entice them to request a viewing. Styling your home to create beautiful photos doesn't mean overhauling every room, though – a few key touches here and there can elevate your gallery to a whole new level. Here are our top tips. 

Invest in accessories

A brightly coloured throw, a stylish collection of scatter pillows and other soft furnishings can improve the look of a bedroom or living area without the need for drastic changes. Place a fleecy blanket at the end of the master bed for a cosy feel, or add a bit of luxury to your bathroom with folded, fluffy, white towels.  

Remove curtains and blinds

This technique allows more natural light to fill the rooms and gives an impression of greater space – and it works especially well with squeaky clean windows. Removing curtains also helps to neutralise your décor, making it easier for potential buyers to visualise how they would choose to decorate.  

Focus on lighting

Dim, grainy photographs won’t make a good first impression, so make use of lamps and accent lights to ensure all photos are bright and sharp. Put out a few extra lamps if necessary, or upgrade to brighter bulbs. 100 watts for every 50 square feet of space is a good level to aim for. 

Give your kitchen a face lift

You don't need new kitchen to create impressive photographs – new cabinet doors and drawer fronts can smarten the room, as can shiny new doorknobs and handles. Alternatively, simply paint all your existing cupboards a clean shade of white for a neat and neutral finish.  

Add lived-in touches

While it's important to declutter, you also want your house to look and feel comfortable. Alongside the usual vases of fresh flowers, place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen top or some beautiful hardback photography books on the coffee table. Pristine white robes and scented candles in the bathroom are also a quick and easy way to create inviting interiors.

Poor quality photos can really affect the impact of a property listing – just look at this gallery of questionable photos for proof – which is why professional photography is so important. When you sell your house online with, our expert photographers use cutting-edge equipment and visual techniques to show off your property's full potential.

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