Spotlight on Aldershot

by Housesimple on 17th August 2016

Private house sales are set to boom in the Hampshire town of Aldershot, as huge new developments on former military sites come to market. The move is likely to see the major military site turn from the 'Home of the British Army' to a new commuter haven, faster than you can say “excellent transport links”.

Military efficiency

The 20-year Wellesley district development project will certainly not ignore the town's history. The military connection that has made the town synonymous with the British Army since 1854 is to be preserved by properties that capitalise on the unique spaces and architecture of the land.

A former parade ground is set to be a new community square, with wide, tree-lined streets that once supported tanks now supporting communities. Homes are being created in converted historic buildings, including a former military hospital and the 1629 Union Building.

Best of all, property prices in the area remain well below many other commuter-belt areas: the average price is £307,997.

Sports and outdoor activities

The Wellesley project will also use the former military space to create 800 allotments and 10 miles of woodland trails, but that's just the beginning of Aldershot's healthy living potential.

The Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre serves resident soldiers with athletics, rugby, football and swimming facilities that are also available to the public. The town is also home to the Connaught Leisure Centre, cricket, canoe and gymnastics clubs and a pool and lido with attached gym facilities.

For those seeking a day out, the town is just a short drive from the natural vistas of the South Downs and the Devil's Punch Bowl.


The town has recently received significant investment into its business centre, but there's little doubt that Aldershot's stock is rising thanks to renewed focus on its links to London.

Trains from Aldershot and nearby stations take less than an hour to reach the capital, and South West Trains has recently invested £50 million in upgrading carriages and increasing the frequency of its services. For drivers, good news comes in the form of the Hindhead Tunnel, which has improved traffic flow on the A3.

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