Selling your home is a piece of cake

by Housesimple on 23rd August 2016

As the Great British Bake Off is about to once again unite a group of ordinary Brits with a shared passion for pastries and craving for cakes, the team is taking a moment to consider how lovers of baking can harness their hobby to help sell their home.

The sweet smell of success

We don't want to encourage you to make a mess before a big viewing, but there are advantages to baking before prospective buyers arrive. A survey by home fragrance company Air Wick found that 33% of people thought freshly baked bread was the best smell in a home, while 20% preferred the aroma of a cake in the oven.

Buttering up the buyers

If your new recipe was a hit, don't forget to share it with potential buyers. Offer a drink and a slice of cake to give them a warm welcome and to show off your domestic skills. After all, someone who bakes is likely to look after their kitchen. Just don't crowd them, viewers need to feel comfortable and at home.

Bringing in some dough

If you hold a bake sale or sell your cakes at local markets and craft fairs you could earn some extra cash. This will come in handy for your property sale outgoings like estate agent fees, or to fund those details, decorations and repairs that might just boost your asking price.

Rising to the challenge

Selling a house can be a stressful experience. While at we do what we can to make things easy, it can also help to have a relaxing hobby: and baking fits the bill. Studies have shown that baking can reduce stress, improve confidence and concentration, and provide a sense of achievement.

Mixing with new neighbours

Once you've moved, there's no better way to get to know your new neighbours than over tea and a homemade cake. Whether you're a fan of fairy cakes or crazy for cupcakes, the locals are bound to appreciate your skills.

So whip up the icing, mix the batter and get ready to cook up a sale. For more inspiration and ideas to help you sell your home, visit the blog.

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