Selling a house with limited access

by Housesimple on 20th September 2016

Who needs great transport links when you have peace and quiet? If you're moving on from your remote house, you can avoid high estate agent fees by selling with What’s more, with us, you get to write your own property listing – after all, you know your home best. Here's how to target the right buyers for properties with limited access.


1.5 million people work from home in the UK. So, your property is likely to appeal to this demographic, who are able to work from anywhere. Attract homeworkers by mentioning your fast broadband connection (you can use a website such as Broadband Speedchecker to find out the exact speed). Style one of your bedrooms as an office for the photographs, or pop an open laptop on the dining table to showcase your property's work-from-home credentials. These buyers will still want to get out and about on weekends, so mention local pubs, country walks and good restaurants within driving distance.

Large families

People often move out to the countryside when their family starts expanding. At least one parent will be working, so it's likely that they'll have two cars. Mention your double garage or large driveway, and how long it takes to drive into the nearest town or city. Talk about the best local schools and how long it takes to reach them by car, and mention other children's facilities (for example if there's an adventure playground nearby). Parents will also want to know about the size of your garden (is there room for a swing?) and how many bedrooms you have.


Lots of people dream about owning a house in the country and leap at the chance to buy one when they no longer need to commute. Retirees will want to know about the local community. Talk about how many homes there are in your village, how active community groups (like the Rotary Club) are, and if there's a church they can attend. Also mention the frequency of your local farmers’ market and how far it is to the nearest garden centre. Accessibility becomes more important as people age, so if you have a bedroom and a bathroom downstairs mention them.

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