Sarah Beeny’s How to Sell Your Home

by Housesimple on 1st January 2015

Brand new C4 series featuring leading online estate agents

In the first episode successfully sold the Watsons property at a price £10,000 higher than the local High Street Agent quoted, on top of this they saved close to £4,000 in fees. Whilst are proud to show it's professionalism, good service and achievements, this type of saving and price achievement way above the High Street Agents valuation happens day in day out. (Our statistics show we sell faster, 22 days vs 65 days, and for greater value than High Street Agents 98% vs 96% of asking price.

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How to Sell Your Home

Estimates suggest that by the end of the decade half of us could be selling a property online, saving thousands of pounds worth of estate agents fees in the process and doing away with the need for pushy estate agents. With the huge surge of interest around selling your own house it comes as no surprise that the home of property television programmes, Channel 4, is broadcasting a new series dedicated to exploring what happens when everyday people have to balance their regular life with being a temporary estate agent.

Sarah Beeny’s How to Sell Your Home begins airing weekly on C4 from Monday October 20 at 20.30 for six weeks, and Housesimple is delighted that a number of properties sold through our service are featured throughout the series. The programme promises to be essential viewing for anyone interested in selling a home online, as it shows some of the common hurdles that need to be cleared for a successful property selling experience.

How easy is selling your home?

While the Channel 4 television show understandably makes the most of the drama that can accompany not using an estate agent, statistics suggest that selling your own home is actually surprisingly straightforward. 85% of properties listed are successfully sold (as opposed to 70% for high street agents), and on average achieve 98% of asking price.

If other people can do it, what’s stopping you?

Questions answered by

Although How to Sell Your Home promises to be informative as well as entertaining, viewers are likely to end up with more questions than they started with.

One question that will no doubt be on everyone’s lips is ‘how much could I save by selling my house online?’ You can get an estimate of how much better off you could be cutting out the middle man by using our simple savings calculator.

While the promise of huge savings will make many people think seriously about selling their home online, the trials that the featured families face may leave some people questioning whether they are up to the challenge of selling their own home.

The good news is that all the information you need for a stress-free sale can be found on this very website. The great news is that if there are some things you’d rather not worry about – like being home for house viewings or negotiating a sale price - can worry about it on your behalf for a minimal fee.

We can’t promise you’ll be on TV…

While we can’t promise you your 15 minutes of fame by being featured on a Channel 4 property show, there are plenty of other (much better) reasons to sell your home online with As well as being able to save thousands of pounds, you can be confident of achieving a quick sale (50% of properties are sold in under 22 days), and you get a completely professional service with help available at every step of the journey. While that might not make great telly, it does make life simpler for you.

Sarah Beeny’s How to Sell Your Home airs on Channel 4 at 20.30 from Monday 20 October. If you can’t watch the programme don’t worry – you can easily find out how to sell your home with's very own step by step guide

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