Quick and easy spring garden hacks

by Housesimple on 12th April 2017

With the sun finally making an appearance and announcing the start of spring, it's time to rummage through the shed for last year's garden furniture. That is, until you notice the state of the back garden. Winter wreaks havoc on our lawns, flower beds and hedgerows, making them all muddy and overgrown. However, it's nothing that a good bit of garden TLC can't fix in a heartbeat.

Put away your sun loungers and reach for your gardening gloves: it's time to follow our quick and easy tips to breathe life back into your spring garden.

Feed your lawn

Harsh (and wet) winter weather has probably left your grass looking a bit worse for wear. That's why it's a good idea to perk it up with some lawn feed. This mixture has all of the nutrients that your grass needs to grow back thick and strong.

Remove weeds

As many of your spring flowers poke their heads above the ground to take in the sunshine and showers, so do the weeds too. If your flowerbeds are looking a bit patchy, get out there and pull the weeds up by their roots. Wear gloves to be on the safe side (nettles can be a bit aggressive). If you find Japanese knotweed it's best not to tackle it yourself, so call a professional instead.

Bring home some colour

If you can't wait for your bulbs and seeds to sprout, adding some bedding plants from your local garden centre will bring some immediate colour to your yard. Pop them in hanging baskets by your front door to create a welcoming entrance for you and your visitors.

Pot some herbs

It's not all about making your garden look good – planting some herbs in pots or beds can bring some colourful variety to your dinner plate too. Once they've taken root, you can start adding a few leaves of basil to your tomato salad or spaghetti, some fresh sage to your Sunday roast or some mint to your DiY mojitos. 

Instead of growing them from seed, pick up a few herb plants from your local supermarket and make sure they have plenty of natural light to make them live longer.

Raid the garage

Dig out your Christmas decorations and hang some fairy lights around your outdoor seating area. This will mean that, even when the sun sets, you can still enjoy some al fresco drinks with your friends. A few simple blankets hung over the backs of the chairs provide a bit of warmth on evenings when there's a chill in the air.

Build your own barbecue

You don't need to spend a fortune on a brand new barbie this season. Instead, build one yourself using bricks and an old oven grill. Gardener's World has an easy-to-follow tutorial, perfect for a Saturday afternoon DiY-session (followed by some satisfying burgers and sausages for tea).

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