Property myth-busting: which home viewing tricks actually work?

by Housesimple on 24th August 2018

When you're selling a house, you might try and hunt around for some tips and tricks to help speed up the process a little. There are plenty of things that agents or online advice sites tell you to do during a viewing, for instance, but do they actually work? Let’s dig into the stats to separate the myths from the facts.

Sell in spring

The weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming and everything is looking a little greener. Equally, property portals like and have previously reported a surge in visits after the New Year. However, no matter how active the market seems to get during these months, spring is not the only time to sell. In 2017, the most deals were done in June – so there’s clearly more to selling a house than just the season.

Conclusion: Myth

First impressions count

Ask any estate agent and they'll tell you that ‘kerb appeal’ is essential – and they’re right. Around 76% of buyers say that first impressions are everything. One study even found that buyers spend just over 25 minutes viewing a home before they make a decision.

Conclusion: Fact

Buy flowers and bake bread

Tantalising smells are often touted as a way to create a positive ambience and make people feel comfortable during viewings. It’s true that a pleasant odour beats a musty home, but it can backfire. Not only might some viewers be allergic to fresh flowers or aerosol air fresheners, but if you go overboard they might think you’re trying to hide something.

Conclusion: Myth


Most sellers will spend hours clearing out their things so that potential buyers can get a clear view of the property, but is it worth it? The consensus is a resounding yes. A recent survey showed that buyers waste 24% of their viewing time looking at clutter, while another found that 16% of buyers say it’s the biggest turn-off at a viewing.

Conclusion: Fact

Take down family photos

Some pundits genuinely recommend removing all trace of your family from the home, perhaps in a bid to present a ‘blank canvas’ property. However, if you’re marketing a family home, the fact that you've brought up your own children there is a great selling point. Don’t be afraid to show it.

Conclusion: Myth

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