Plan your perfect Bonfire Night party

by Housesimple on 24th October 2017

Remember, remember the fifth of November – yes, it's once again that time of year when we light the bonfire and set off a couple of fireworks. Bonfire Night is one of the UK's most unique celebrations and it's the perfect time to enjoy your garden and create some magical memories. With a little preparation and some organisational know-how, everyone can have a great time, even your pets.

Stake out spots

Map out your party in advance to help you identify ideal areas for chatting, cheering and firework viewing. Remember to place sand buckets in accessible spots for sparklers. If you’re planning a bonfire and firework display, it’ll need to be a safe distance from your house, fences and overhanging branches.

Plan the show

Devise a 'running order' so that everyone knows what’s happening when. This not only ensures nobody misses the grand finale, it makes it easier for people to keep a safe distance. Equally, it's great for parents who need to keep the kids safe without being on constant alert too.

Create a safe haven

Make a cosy seating spot near a window or tucked beside your house for young children or older family members. Pet charity Blue Cross advises keeping pets shut indoors, with a 'den' made from their favourite blanket or some old clothes. Before the fireworks start, consider turning on the TV so they can hear familiar sounds over the racket. Keep ear defenders or muffs on hand for babies and small children.

Decorate your space

Set up a designated spot for food and drinks. Garden lighting can create a cosy ambience, with little details like coloured lanterns making great focal points without stealing the limelight from the fireworks. You might also want to plan some activities to keep children occupied between displays. Sites like twinkl have a few good options such as apple bobbing and marshmallow toasting.

Prepare party snacks

Last but not least, get the buffet ready before the guests start arriving. That way you'll be able to enjoy the evening too! Good Housekeeping has some excellent recipes, including toffee popcorn, pecan pie and pumpkin fondue – ideal for those leftover Halloween pumpkins.

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