Optimising your property description for search

by Housesimple on 9th November 2016

When you write your property description, you’re not just trying to paint your house in the most positive light possible, you’re courting search engines in a bid to bring the right buyers to your listing. By using popular terms that buyers are searching for, or rather SEO (search engine optimisation) keywords, you can help your property get discovered. 

Keep it simple

When people are searching for a property, they're looking for specific features. For example, last year one site listed that 'garden', 'garage' and 'detached' were among the most searched property terms. If your house has any of these features, make sure to include that keyword clearly. After all, it’s no good talking about your 'beautiful outdoor space' and flagging luxury additions like fountains, sculptures and spacious sheds if you miss out the word everybody is searching for. 

Know your audience

Doing a bit of research into the kind of buyers that are likely to want your property is an excellent way to identify the key words that will work for you. For instance, start by finding out the average age of home owners in your area. Turning to terms like 'first-time buyer' or 'renovation project' might seem like a cliché, but they crop up again and again in property searches.

Don’t waste space

Research is both a great way to find out what will work for your property description, and a great way to eliminate redundant keywords. Look at how other sellers are advertising their properties and find out the key terms people are searching for. There’s no point trying to get more clicks by saying that you have 'no garden' when you could use the space to highlight your beautiful period fittings or kitchen island.

Dig deeper

Once you’ve got the essentials into your description, and cut out the red herrings and redundant flourishes, it’s time to hunt down those more elusive keywords to make your property really stand out in a search. One recent survey found that reliable broadband and a good energy efficiency rating now rank in buyers’ top ten must-haves, alongside a bath tub and parking.

Keep an eye out for these new trends and developments – it could make all the difference to attracting a buyer.

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