Moving house: on your phone

by Housesimple on 29th June 2016

If you're selling your house, there are so many great mobile apps and websites out there that make the big move that little bit easier. Before you begin packing your boxes, check out some of our favourites and let them give you a helping hand.

We couldn't talk about the best ways to move house on your mobile without mentioning ourselves, could we? With, you can communicate with potential viewers and buyers, and check their feedback, 24 hours a day. Our MyHouseSimple client site is optimised for mobile usage, so it's easy to skim through on your phone or tablet.

Zipcar is a van rental service, offering you a cheap and easy alternative to calling the removal companies. You rent the vehicle by the hour rather than the day, allowing you to complete your move in your own time, and save money in the process. It's currently available in London, Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol, with pick-up points dotted around each town or city.


If you're not using a removal company, you'll need to find people to help you move. If all your friends are suspiciously busy that day, use instead. The website lets you list a chore (in this case 'moving house') and freelance labourers offer their services. Obviously you'll need to pay them, but the rates are reasonable and it's better than doing all the heavy work yourself.

Big Yellow Space Kit

Launched by the Big Yellow storage company, this handy app helps you keep track of various tasks and items you might need to think about during the moving process. Its box archiver makes it easy to photograph your boxes and possessions, listing them so that you know exactly where everything is. The floor planner helps you decide where to put your furniture in each room. Then there's the paint calculator, which does the incredible job of telling you how many tins of paint you'll need for each room.


Once you're all settled into your new property, you'll need a little bit of interior design inspiration. lets you play around with 3D models of real-world furniture and share your ideas on social media. You can also check how paint colours would look in your house. If you're really finding it tough, the app can connect you with a professional interior designer.

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