Light up your life: how the right lighting can create a sale

by Housesimple on 29th June 2016

Lighting is fundamental to how we see the world. From the bright, happy feeling of a sunny day to the warm, flattering glow of a winter fireside, it can highlight beauty or hide all manner of sins. The same principles apply in your home, and choosing the right light fittings is an essential part of the process. Fortunately, it's not just a matter of guessing what the right 'feel' is for the room, there are objective criteria to consider too.

Light levels

If you have a bright and airy south-facing room, you don't want to hide this selling point with bold fittings or free standing lamps. If you have viewings at night or in the evening, you can retain the airy feel with bright LED bulbs that minimise glare and heavy shadows — particularly if you have several fittings spread evenly across the room.

Make darker rooms feel cosy by using a selection of upward-angled floor lamps with warm bulbs. Alternatively, use dimmers and lamps to emphasize a more flexible living space, using light levels to separate areas for TV, dining and reading, for example. Use the fittings and levels creatively to suggest the separate activities of the room.

Emphasising architecture

High ceilings, for example, are easily emphasised with feature fittings, whether it's a colourful enamel shade to complement an industrial chic design or a grand chandelier to fit with more classic décor.

Kitchen features, which are generally designed to look clean and hygienic, can be emphasized with bright spotlights that also have the practical function of helping you chop the right things in the dark. In the bedroom, well-positioned wall fittings and table lamps can quickly highlight storage spaces and clever space-saving solutions you might have squeezed in.

Drawing the eye

When it comes to private house sales, it's all about taking the buyer on a journey. Think about how they'll move through the viewing: both with their body and their eyes.

On arrival, a line of solar garden lamps could be an excellent way to welcome visitors and highlight your driveway or garden path. In the hallway or lounge, picture lights can pinpoint tasteful features on the walls and draw the eye towards large spaces and big windows. Don't forget to take down any drapes or other obstacles that block the light or obscure your best features. The correct use of light is all about drawing the eye toward them.

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