Keeping your home safe and secure

by Housesimple on 17th August 2016

As UK homeowners escape en masse to hotter climates, it's no wonder summer is peak season for burglaries. Increasing your property's security is worthwhile, even if you're planning to sell. These tips will keep your home safe while it's on the market, and better security will appeal to potential buyers too.

Fit a burglar alarm

As well as keeping thieves at bay, a good home security system will put buyers at ease. They'll feel confident that their family and possessions will be safe in your property. Security alarms can also lower home insurance premiums – a benefit worth highlighting to potential buyers.

Double check your locks

During summer it's more common for windows and doors to be left open on hot days. Double check all your external doors are properly locked and all windows are closed before leaving your home, whether that's for an hour or a week. Burglars tend to scope out neighbourhoods and properties before breaking in. They may be waiting for you to leave and will be in and out of your property within a few minutes – along with your most valuable possessions.

Hide your valuables

Thieves are looking for houses with the most expensive items. Make your property look unattractive by keeping laptops, small electrical items and expensive jewellery away from the windows. It's also important to hide your valuables if you're hosting an open viewing. It pays to be careful, and clutter can be off-putting to potential buyers anyway. 

Leave a light on

It's the oldest and simplest trick in the book. If you go out for the evening, make your house look lived in by leaving a couple of lights on. The flickering light of the TV through the living room curtains will quickly convince burglars that there's someone in.

Securing your home gives you one less thing to worry about when selling your property. If you sell with you won't have expensive estate agent fees to worry about either, allowing you to enjoy a carefree summer.

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