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by Housesimple on 31st August 2016

Sometimes only small changes are needed for your home’s value to skyrocket. DIY improvements can be an easy and cost-effective way to boost your property's worth – but they can also be an accident waiting to happen. For a successful and safe way to enhance your home, follow these tips.  

Painting precautions

When you want your rooms to look bigger and brighter, a fresh lick of paint can work wonders. While painting is one of the easiest DIY projects, it does come with some minor risks.

If you need to sand the walls to create a smoother finish, wear safety googles and a mask. Make sure the room is well ventilated to avoid a build-up of fumes, and use non-slip material to protect your floors. If your house has textured paint or Artex on the walls or ceilings, this should be checked out before removing as it may contain asbestos. Get a professional in to examine if you’re unsure, as asbestos disposal requires special precautions.

Harmless handiwork

General DIY – like putting up shelves, sawing wood or drilling holes in walls – is usually very safe and simple if you follow some basic rules. 

  • Be prepared: read instructions carefully, check you have all the necessary safety equipment and tools, and ensure work areas are clutter-free.
  • Remember personal safety: keep a first aid kit and mobile phone close in case of an emergency.
  • Consider the safety of others: make sure work areas and tools are secured against children and pets.

Top-notch tools

Invest in quality tools if you’re planning to do plenty of DIY. This will ensure your work is quicker, tidier and, most importantly, safer. Make sure your equipment is stored correctly and check each tool for damage before using. Ladders are also a crucial part of many projects, and are a leading cause of accidents. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions, use the right sized model for the job and position the ladder properly.

With a bit of common sense and some basic precautions, DIY can be easy and rewarding. What’s more, it saves you paying extra decorators’ costs, just like how selling your home with can save you thousands in estate agent fees.

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