Interior book of the month: styles from the Sixties

by Housesimple on 30th November 2016

When it comes to discovering what's new in interiors, it can pay to look back for inspiration. This month, we’re studying one decade in particular: the 1960s. A time when bright colours and bold new ideas were taking over, and playful, youth-oriented culture meant everyone was looking for the next trend. Near sixty years later and many of their ideas remain fresh and relevant to interior design today.

In House & Garden Sixties House, mid-century modern enthusiast and former House & Garden writer Catriona Gray delves into the magazine’s ample archives to identify the ideas behind décor of the time. Photographer David Bailey, artist David Hockney, fashion icon Mary Quant and even infamous politician John Profumo all share their tasteful properties in intimate personal portraits throughout the book. Each of these celebrities were often in the public eye and it paid for them to be at the forefront of interiors: use inspiration from their homes when revamping yours.

Broken down into sections focussing on rooms, houses and décor, House & Garden Sixties House proceeds to explore the origins of the styles that came to define the decade.

Gray goes on to discuss how cheaper air travel helped bring Scandinavian and Moroccan designs into the public eye. And how new materials and growing consumerism introduced playful feature pieces like inflatable chairs and lava lamps into modern décor. She also delves into how designer pieces became mass produced and widely available.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the book is the way it describes how the icons of the decade saw their homes as a canvas, something which both expresses and inspires their lives. By understanding this starting point, it becomes easy to pick up tips and implement the interior ideas shared in the variety pictures included.

Topped off with a bibliography that includes stockists, this inspiring and practical guide offers a great way to introduce some Sixties flair into your home. Most importantly, it helps you use their ideas to create a home that reveals your own ideals.

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