Interior book of the month: Styled

We all know how important décor is to potential buyers, but interior design doesn't need to mean giving your home a massive (and pricey) overhaul. Sometimes all it takes is just a bit of clever rearranging. This is where Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves comes in. Our book of the month offers some seriously smart home inspiration that won't cost you much in the way of time or money.

Think differently

HGTV presenter and home stylist Emily Henderson encourages readers to 'think like a stylist', with inspiration for how to arrange trinkets and ornaments in a way that tells a story. The book includes more than a thousand different ideas, spread across 75 rooms.

The book starts out with a diagnostic to help you find your personal style – think 'mid-century meets 70s' and 'contemporary with a traditional bent'. After diagnosis, Emily talks you through what your style means and, more importantly, what sort of accessories you should be looking out for the next time you visit your favourite interiors shop.

Top tips

Look out for Emily's 10 steps to styling your home, which will help you to shop confidently and bring everything together perfectly. It's full of great suggestions, like how to create a 'mood board' of things that inspire you, as well as how to take photographs of your space to understand where things might not be working. The writer's experience lies in interior photo shoots, so her tips and ideas should definitely help your photographs stand out on your property listing.

This is a really handy coffee table book to have if you're planning on selling your home, but don't have a high budget for staging or redecorating. While it's often recommended that sellers should keep their properties neutral for viewings by removing personal photographs and other knick-knacks from shelves, it's also worth remembering that you're selling a lifestyle. Arranging your space in an attractive (and uncluttered) way can also help to entice viewers – and this book shows you exactly how to do that.

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