Hygge at home

by Housesimple on 4th October 2016

From coffee table books to big name bloggers, everyone's talking about the cosy lifestyle trend from Denmark this winter. Read on to find out how to create hygge in your own home.

What does "hygge" mean?

Hygge (pronounced "hue-gah") is the Danish word for that lovely feeling you get when you spend quality time in a cosy environment. Winter is the prime time of year for hygge; creating that sense of comfort in your home can really give a boost to your private house sale. Remember: you're selling a lifestyle and you want viewers to imagine themselves enjoying the hygge life in your property.

Burn plenty of candles

The soft glow of a candle is much more cosy than a table lamp, so it's not surprising that the Danish burn more candles than anyone else. Light a few in your home to add a bit of atmosphere, choosing wintery scents like cinnamon, vanilla and amber for added hygge points.

Blanket your living room

Snuggling up under a blanket is extremely hygge (and can save you money on your heating bill). Either drape some blankets casually over the arms of sofas and armchairs, or pop them in an open wooden box to the side of your seating area.

Serve refreshments

Freshly baked cakes, a brewing pot of tea, hot chocolate and mulled wine are just a few refreshments you can offer to viewers to help them appreciate your home's hygge style. This may encourage them to stick around and notice all of the lovely little features of your home that they might have missed during their first walk through.

Have a good chat

Hygge is all about laughing, joking and spending quality time with friends and family. It's best to avoid controversial topics, as heated discussion may dampen the atmosphere. When you have viewers in, sit them down (over the hot drinks and cake) and ask them a bit about themselves. As they open up, you can point out how your house will fit with their lifestyle. If they have children, draw attention to the fantastic schools nearby, or if they're animal lovers, how your sprawling garden is perfect for pets.

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